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We are making history!

This is the record of a remarkable event - the fourth Global Greens Congress: a historic meeting of over 2000 Greens from over 90 countries discussing the biggest issues of our time. It contains the only copies of the speeches, vision and history from our 2017 CongressAs our Global Greens Convenor Keli Yen said: “this is much more than a book. It holds our ideology, faces, hopes and dreams."

The price covers just the costs of printing and postage as Margaret Blakers has generously donated her efforts so that all proceeds go to our 2021 Global Congress Fund. We've set ourselves the ambitious goal of raising $100,000 over the next two years to ensure 2021 is our best and biggest Congress yet!  This is a fantastic way to contribute to our future while celebrating all we've achieved together.

 Margaret reading book in forest

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in ordering multiple books as we may be able to save costs on postage. To save costs on printing, we'll do a print run after the first 50 books have been ordered. If you do not want a hard-copy, then you can make a donation to receive a beautiful PDF version of the book here


"With Green parties on the rise worldwide, Blakers' book gives politicos new insight into the modus operandi of the international green movement." Christine Milne, Former Leader of Australian Greens and Global Greens Ambassador

"The Global Greens was a phenomenal event bringing together inspirational Green politicians and activists from around the globe. This wonderful book is a testament to that energy, the ideas and creativity it launched and which are so vitally needed to take on the huge challenges of the century. Hope and passion, from thousands of Greens working together across borders, is what will enable us to build stronger, resilient communities, to tackle the climate crisis and to achieve meaningful social justice and deep reform." Dr Jessica Ayesha Northey, Former International Coordinator, Green Party of England and Wales.

"Intriguing and accessible for newcomers and green veterans alike, Blakers' work is sure to serve as a guide for all seeking to learn more about the power of the global green movement." Noah Hollis, Global Greens Intern  

"Blakers provides a birds-eye perspective of one of the most monumental events in green political history. This is a must-read for anyone looking to understand the strength of greens on a global scale." Dr Frank Habineza, Leader of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and first Green representative elected to the Rwandan Parliament.

Keli Speaking at a podium at congress 2017

Margaret waving two books in the forest Person speaking via video conference at the conference Person speaking at the podium Christine Milne (Global Greens Ambassador Australia) giving a keynote at the conference Green Party Korea delegate on plane People at the conference Speaking from the podium Group of young greens at the conference

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