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Questions?  Contact the GG Secretariat at [email protected]

Volunteer Roles:

The Global Greens Secretariat is recruiting for Volunteers!

The volunteership is an unpaid position and can be done from anywhere in the world which has an internet connection.  

Next Steps:

  1. Take a look at the list of Vacancies below to see what the Global Greens Secretariat is looking for.
  2. Express your interest in becoming a Volunteer by submitting this form:
  3. The GG Secretary (Keli Yen) will contact you to find out how best to match your interests and skills with opportunities.
  4. The GG Coordination will then confirm your enrollment with your Party and Federation!
Website User Experience Designer
  • Help improve Global Greens website user experience!  This volunteer role can be as simple as giving your valued perspective and advice.  Thank you!
Curator of GG Communications, Social Media and Website
  • Create a system for members to share & generate relevant news, articles, videos and infographics across the social media channels of the GGs and its component groups.
  • Market the Global Greens to increase identity awareness, engagement and value among members.
  • Help to develop and design the Global Greens website into a cool modern platform for collaboration!
Community Gardener
  • Develop an email management system for the GG Secretariat
  • Develop collaboration wherever possible within the GGs, particularly among international secretariats to facilitate capacity building and resource sharing.
  • Help Global Greens transcend the language barrier by developing a network of translators.
Fundraiser Facilitator
  • Support the GG Fundraising Coordinator, Ms. Eva Goës, to cultivate a Fundraising experts team.
  • Identify and develop opportunities for individual fundraising (one-off and recurring donations and crowdfunding) and project funding (grants)
  • Support the development of the FROGG Network
Project & Campaign support

Democracy Campaign - Support the implementation of this Mobilising the Green Diaspora Vote Project

Climate Campaign - 

  • Accelerate the global transition to 100% renewable energy - example: campaign to keep fossil fuels in the ground, relinquishing nuclear energy, and developing renewable energy solutions.
  • Promote climate finance provision, justice and accountability - example: campaign for divestment, Green bonds and ending fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the UN Paris Agreement on Climate Change among state and non-state actors by working across sectors to reduce emissions production.
  • Protect nature - example: campaign for biodiversity, the integrity of ecosystems and the resilience of life support systems.
  • Divestment - extend the work of current divestment projects in the Global Greens family, such as:
    • Publicising local stories on how divestment was achieved to inspire and inform others how to do the same.
    • Divestment campaigning to Foundations.
    • Divestment campaigning in cities through the emerging network of GG subnational elected representatives
    • Other Divestment campaigns will be organised to target academic institutions, insurance companies, financial & political institutions, faith communities, professional associations, private companies and individuals.

Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Campaign - The Global Greens serves as a platform for enhanced partnership among its members to achieve progress on specific SDGs through Green political action at local, regional and global levels.  The Sustainable Development Goals are listed below and may be read in detail at:  Joint GG projects will be developed starting with the following three SDGs:

  • Goal 15 - "Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss.” - The GGs will campaign to protect old growth forests around the world.  
  • Goal 11 - "Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” - The GGs will document Green Party urban greening initiatives around the world and connect cities in ways that are locally useful and globally relevant.  
  • Goal 16 - "Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.” - Implement the Mobilising the Green Diaspora Vote Project

Nuclear Disarmament in energy and the armed forces campaign- The GGs will work to implement the EGP’s Position on nuclear phase out in Europe within and outside Europe, as this is a persistent campaign among GG Members of all Federations.  The Green Parties in northeast asia are already actively campaigning for a nuclear free region - as indicated in this resolution passed at the Greens 2017 congress: "Phase Out Nuclear Energy Globally and Urgently from Northeast Asia and Indigenous Lands"

GG Network Support

Support the development of one or more of the following GG Networks!

  1. Friends of the Global Greens (FROGGs)
  2. GG Parliamentarians Association (GGPA)
  3. GG Women's Network (GGWN) - needs assistance to prepare, facilitate and record the meetings.
  4. Global Young Greens (GYG)
  5. GG LGBQT+ Network
  6. Green Foundations and Institutes
  7. GG Solidarity Network




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