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Invitation: Global Greens Paris COP21 Webinar

Make history! Join our first ever Global Greens webinar on Monday 9 November at 9 pm UTC. Hear Greens speakers from round the world preview the Paris COP21 climate talks; join the chat; ask questions. (A webinar is an online seminar - participate via your computer)

Webinar - The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice

"The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice: How can the Greens use a peace-oriented security policy to achieve a demilitarised world?" A Global Greens webinar in collaboration with Green Party United States

GG Webinar - Green Politics in Coalitions

Date: Monday, 09 July 2018, Time: 10:30am UTC. In this webinar: Green activists discuss their experience forming coalitions in different contexts: as a candidate in elections, as a parliamentarian at the local and national levels, in government and within the Global Greens family. The webinar begins with Christine Milne speaking about her autobiography An Activist Life and some lessons learned from her experience being part of the Australian Green's development since its founding in 1972, contesting elections, being in parliament at both the local and national levels and being in a government coalition. Christine then interviews the panel of speakers about their different experiences in coalitions. Audience members will be invited to join the discussion to reflect together on what it means in practice for Greens to think and act locally and globally at the same time.

Seminario "Los Proyectos Verdes en la Lucha del Cambio Climático y su Financiamiento"

Te invitamos al primer seminario on line en español de Global Greens! Este seminario analizará las estrategias para financiar el desarrollo sostenible, en particular para la mitigación y adaptación al cambio climático y la transición hacia una economía baja en carbono.

Femmes en politique: expériences des leaders écologistes

Vous êtes invités au premier webinaire tenue en français du Réseau Mondial des Femmes écologistes (Global Greens Women's


GGWN Webinar in French: Experiences of Female Leaders in Green Politics

You are invited to participate in the first French language webinar of the Global Greens Women's Network.

Date: Saturday, 24 September 2016


Webinar "Los Proyectos Verdes en la Lucha del Cambio Climático y su Financiamiento"

You are invited to the first Spanish language Global Greens webinar! (Spanish translation)

Date: Saturday, 1 October 2016


Women in politics - experiences from Green leaders

The Global Greens Women's Network held its first webinar on 16 April. If you missed hearing it live, listen to the presentations now.

Click here to listen, and the transcript is copied below.

Our wonderful speakers from around the world are:


GGWN Webinar Summary - 16 April 2016

The Global Greens Women’s Network (GGWN) held its first Webinar on 16 April 2016, commemorating as well the same day in which the Global Greens adopted its Charter in 2001.  The GGWN invited a panel of Green Party leaders from each regional Federation of the Global Greens to speak about their experiences overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities in Green politics, and was attended by 30 participants from all Federations.

The panelists were:


Women in Politics Webinar: Experiences from Green leaders

The Global Greens Women's Network held its first webinar with speakers from around the world on 16 April 2016:

  • Metiria Turei, New Zealand
  • Maria Wetterstrand, Sweden
  • Julia Duppre, Brazil
  • Robinah K. Nayunja, Uganda
  • Keli Yen - moderator


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