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Solidarity message

Charges against the Turkish Green party co-chairs must be dropped

Co-chairs of the Green party in Turkey, Yeşil Sol Parti, are among 11 people facing an 8-year jail term if convicted for their peace activism. The trial will be held at the Ankara Central Court on 19 July at 10am. An international delegation of Green Parliamentarians from Belgium, Sweden and Germany will attend the trial to express support and solidarity from the Green political family towards our Turkish friends. The Global Greens stand in solidarity with Yeşil Sol Parti and all people who fight for our shared values of nonviolence, social justice, democracy, respect for diversity, sustainability and ecology.

Australian Greens Solidarity Message for Partido Ecologista Verde Chileno 2016

La Senadora australiana Lee Rhiannon expresa sus saludos en las próximas elecciones municipales para sus camaradas verdes en Chile.

Marie Nagy apporte son soutien à l'Accord de Paix en Colombie

Apoyo a la campaña del Si al Acuerdo de Paz firmado en Colombia entre el Gobierno y las Farc. Desde Bruselas #Ecolo y la concejal Marie Nagy envían este mensaje. #SiaLaPaz #Peace4Colombia

Nick McKim Wishes Korea Green Party Election Success!

작년 한국을 방문했던 호주 녹색당의 닉 맥김 상원의원이, 
녹색당이 최초로 결성되었던 호주의 태즈매니아에서 응원 메시지를 전합니다. 
더불어 '설악산 케이블카 반대'를 외치며 이를 위해 싸우고 있는 이들에게 용기의 메시지를 전합니다.

GG Ambassador Wishes Korea Green Party Election Success

녹색당의 국제연대 조직인 '글로벌 그린즈'의 대사 크리스틴 밀이 
2016년 총선을 앞둔 한국의 녹색당을 응원하며 메시지를 보내왔습니다.


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