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Global Greens Donations Policy


The Global Greens depend on donations for a significant part of their income.  The only other income sources are registration fees for the Global Greens Congress and the recently instituted membership fees.  We should welcome and actively seek donations, and adopt a donations policy that is reasonably consistent with the practices of Greens around the world.

Democratic Green Party of Rwanda resolves climate change at the root

In Rwanda, issues around improving democracy are the major focus of Green activity - along with the fight against deforestation. Key parts of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda’s political program outlines how to fight the pollution that drives global warming with clean energy and sustainable agriculture, while also preparing for the problems created by a changing climate.


NZ Green Party launches major climate protection plan

The Green Party has today announced a suite of major election policies to transition New Zealand to carbon neutrality by 2050, including a charge on carbon that will be returned to all households as a Climate Tax Cut on the first $2000 of income, leaving Kiwi families better off.

The components of the Green Party climate protection plan are:

  1. A goal of net carbon neutrality by 2050


Philippine Green Party Constitution (2003)

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Consitution & Bylaws of Partido Kalikasan (Philippine Green Party/ Greens PH) - 2003



Agenda for the new state of Uttarakhand

By Suresh Nautiyal

A people with a satisfactory literacy rate of over 70 per cent, a good percentage of them with higher education, do not deserve for themselves the impoverished conditions just because they are placed in a difficult topography and are compelled to bear the hostile geographic characteristics.


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