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Global Greens News: August 2016

  • Greens2017 congress update 
  • 3ème Réunion des Partis Verts Nord Africains 
  • Réunion de la Région Sud de la Fédération des Verts Africains 
  • Greens at COP22 

Global Greens News: June 2016

  • Global Greens: 15 Year Anniversary / Global Greens: 15 años
  • Implementing the Paris Agreement
  • Joint Global Greens & European Greens Congress#Greens2017
  • West African Greens Election Campaign Training / Rencontre de la Fédération des Partis Ecologistes et Verts Afrique de l’Ouest

Global Greens News: November 2015

World leaders are going to Paris on 30 November. So are the Greens. We will be in the global climate marches on the weekend of 27 to 29 November, and we will be at COP21 in Paris. Whatever the outcome in Paris, this is just the beginning. Join an action near you and make your voice heard before, during, and after COP21. Looking forward to the future, there's one date you need to save: in March-April 2017 the Global Greens and European Greens will hold a combined Congress in Liverpool, UK! This will be the fourth Global Greens Congress and the first in Europe. In this climate themed November Global Greens newsletter, read more news from each Federation.

Global Greens News September 2014: Climate Change Action

The Global Greens call for:

  1. Phase out government support for fossil fuels
  2. Stop deforestation and degradation of natural forests and other natural ecosystems
  3. Energy and equity for all through shifting to 100% renewable energy so as to lift people out of energy poverty and to end nuclear power
  4. Meet climate finance pledges urgently with new additional grants not loans
  5. Provide locally appropriate adaptation measures through Green Economy policies to enable the systemic changes needed for a sustainable, resilient and prosperous society

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