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La Marcha Ciudadana contra el Cambio Climático en Rota

Publicado en Rota al Día, La Fiesta se materializó con una marcha en bicicleta por el centro del pueblo y una jornada de convivencia con paella ecológica y talleres para los niños en el Parque el Mayeto


Actividad de la Protesta de Cambio Climático en Venezuela

The protest rally of Climate Change in Valencia, Venezuela, was a success.  Lead by various organizations such as Avaaz,, Global Green, FPVA, Ecological Movement, Funvive, Ecovision, attended by multiple organizations, urban cyclists, mimes, artists, poets, the issue of climate change is approached from a citizens' perspective and in seeking to sensitize leaders and politicians to target an agenda item.


Déclaration actions climat change parti des Verts Maroc

Le changement climatique global quel impact à l’échelle locale: les Systèmes doivent changer et non le CLIMAT

L’étude de cas du MAROC  PORTE  SUR LA PROBLEMATIQUE posée  au sein de l’université verte africaine depuis 2OO9 et traite   du changement  climatique  global  et son  IMPACT LOCAL  au MAROC    notamment sur les forêts des plaines  qui sont  les forêts des  arganiers  et les forêts  des chênes lièges de la MAMORA  qui ont été notamment dévastées  par le béton des promoteurs prédateurs


Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP)'s Climate Action

The issue of the climate change is grave and crucial in any part of the world as the very existence of the earth is at stake!

Every concerned society and political party across the globe is trying to find the way out of the climate change challenge. a lot of rhetoric is going on on several fora. from india to america and from the uttarakhand parivartan party (UKPP) to the united national -- the air is hot with the climate change challenge!

Still, no solution to the challenge!


Indonesia & SHI climate action in the People's Climate March

Thousands of people took the street to question the energy policies of the newly elected president Joko Widodo.  Sarekat Hijau Indonesia joined the protests shown in the videos below to emphasize that energy consumption impacts our environmental and people, especially society's most vulnerable populations: farmers, fishermen, laborers, children, indigenous peoples.

Korea Greens climate actions

Participants in the People's Climate March, a global civic movement to demand government action on climate change, pose in front of City Hall in central Seoul, Sunday, before marching to Jongno. 

While Korea Greens members participated in the marches, the party prepared for a debate on the denuclearisation of Korea 


Actividad de la Protesta de Cambio Climático en Venezuela

La concentración de protesta de Cambio Climático en Valencia, Venezuela, fue todo un éxito.
Líderizada por varias organizaciones como Avaaz,, Global Green, FPVA, Movimiento Ecológico, Funvive, Ecovision, con la presencia de múltiples organizaciones, ciclistas urbanos, mimos, artistas, poetas se abordó el tema del cambio climático desde una óptica ciudadana y en la búsqueda de sensibilizar a líderes y políticos de apuntar una agenda en el tema.
Cabe destacar la importante participación del Ciudadano Verde

Christine Milne on #PeoplesClimate: 'the overwhelming emergency of the time is global warming.'

Greens Leader Christine Milne speaks to the Greens' urgency motion, on the need for the Prime Minister to attend the United Nations Climate Summit, and to recognise that Australia's emissions reduction target is inadequate.


Koreans call for renewable energy

90+ activists: Avaaz, Korea Green Party, Green Environment Youth Korea (GEYK), and many other NGOs and individuals will march on the street to urge the city to have more Renewable energy ASAP.

Route of People's Climate March in Korea: City Hall station exit #5 → City Hall three-way intersection → Moogyo St. → Moogyo-dong intersection → Gwanggyo intersection → Cheonggye 2 ga intersection → Jongno 2 ga intersection




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