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COP21 Daily Blogs - Elizabeth May, MP

The Paris Agreement is an historic and potentially life-saving agreement. It does more than many of us expected when the conference opened on November 30. It will be legally binding. It sets a long term temperature goal of no more than 1.5 degrees as far safer than the (also hard to achieve) goal of no more than 2 degrees. In doing so, it may save the lives of millions. It may lead to the survival of many small nations close to sea level. It may give our grandchildren a far more stable climate and thus a more prosperous and healthy society. It clearly means the world has accepted that most known reserves of fossil fuels must stay in the ground.

Global Greens 2008 - Elizabeth May, Leader, GP Canada

Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada. Opening Ceremony. Second Global Greens Congress. May 1st-4th, 2008. Fundacao Memorial da America Latina. São Paulo, Brazil. 

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