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Greens hail ‘historic’ day for environmentalism in Ireland

The Green Party hailed today as a historic day for environmentalism in Ireland, after a majority of Dáil Éireann backed plans to ban future offshore oil and gas exploration in Irish waters.

Greens seek end to further oil and gas exploration

The Green Party will today introduce the Prohibition of Fossil Fuels (Keep It In the Ground) Bill 2017, seeking an end to further oil and gas exploration in Irish territory. The Bill comes as the COP23 conference in Bonn continues.

Greens: Global temperature figures ‘urgent warning on climate change’

It is time we sent the American, Russian and Saudi oil companies packing.

Greens Celebrate Earth Day with Divestment

In order to meet the climate targets set out in the Paris agreement, fossil fuels must be kept in the ground, which is why the Global Greens reiterated our commitment to the fossil fuel divestment movement. Divestment is a big opportunity to amplify what has been agreed upon in Paris. It is an international movement, it is an ethical movement and it is a logical step from an economic point of view. We want to support it and strengthen it, which is why we are demonstrating here today.

International Conference on Divestment in Paris

Together with 350.org and the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, the European Greens are co-organising a major divestment conference in Paris on Tuesday 1 September. The conference aims to further mobilise for fossil fuel divestment, discuss the risks of a so-called carbon bubble, and highlight opportunities for a sustainable financial system.


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