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Democratic Green Party entry into Rwandan Parliament

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda receives 5% in the parliamentary elections of 3 September 2018 which has enabled the party to enter the Rwandan Parliament for the next five-year term (2018-2023).

Charges against the Turkish Green party co-chairs must be dropped

Co-chairs of the Green party in Turkey, Yeşil Sol Parti, are among 11 people facing an 8-year jail term if convicted for their peace activism. The trial will be held at the Ankara Central Court on 19 July at 10am. An international delegation of Green Parliamentarians from Belgium, Sweden and Germany will attend the trial to express support and solidarity from the Green political family towards our Turkish friends. The Global Greens stand in solidarity with Yeşil Sol Parti and all people who fight for our shared values of nonviolence, social justice, democracy, respect for diversity, sustainability and ecology.

Polish Call for Democracy

One hundred days after the ascension to power of the ultra-conservative party PiS (Law and Justice) in Poland, the mobilization of the people continues. On Saturday 27 February, a demonstration calling for democracy, unity and freedom took place in Warsaw.

Judith Sargentini (MEP) on environment and conflict

Judith Sargentini (MEP) talk about her workshop at the Global Greens Congress in Dakar, 2012, on environment and conflict. (Made by Greens-EFA)


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