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Taking Climate Action to the Next Level: Reflections by UN Climate Chief

As the ink dries on the Paris Agreement concluded in December, the significance of the event is now being weighed up. At one and the same time, it is an ‘historic moment of hope for humanity’; it goes ‘nowhere near far enough’; and it is even a ‘fraud’. Which is correct? For Christiana Figuerres, Executive Director of UNFCC, the Agreement, “establishes a new model of 21st century diplomacy”. The global problems of the 21st century are different; they are not zero-sum; they invite the tragedy of the commons through national free-loading. If the ‘deficits’ of the Paris Agreement are also its ‘greatest strengths’ in the new form of global governance, then we are in for an exciting ride. Inviting 196 parties to save the planet rather than requiring them to do it is a nice way of playing roulette. And experience suggests that naming-and-shaming will not do it. If change does not come from governments, in the name of Paris, and within the next five years, not fifteen, then it will require the peoples of the world to revolutionise their governments – in the name of Paris.

Case Study for an Effective Climate Contribution: 2nd post-Paris blog

Dr Kennedy Graham, MP (NZ)

The 2015 Paris outcome is going to require higher standards of behaviour from all 196 Parties to the Framework Convention.  

  • The Paris Agreement aims to ‘strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change’; Article 4 provides that “developed country Parties should continue taking the lead by undertaking economy-wide reduction targets”.


The NZ Government, for one, has no idea about the ‘Hard Part’ - Post-COP21 blog 1

Dr Kennedy Graham, MP (NZ)

The ink is dry now, on the historic Paris Agreement and its accompanying COP-21 implementing decision.  

The Agreement will have a leisurely birth as befits a 20th-century multilateral treaty:  


COP21 Message Global Greens Ambassador

"Think Globally Act Locally" has been the hallmark of Green Party action since we emerged as a political movement in the 1970's and in Paris it was wonderful to be part of hundreds of Greens from all over the world coming together as a growing force, sharing experiences and skills in the campaign to seriously arrest global warming and secure this global agreement.


Acuerdo de Paris, elementos para una evaluación

El Acuerdo no tiene nada de legalmente vinculante, no consta de controles reales y no prevé posibilidades de punir el país que no cumpla con las promesas. Tampoco toca el tema de los subsidios de más de 500 mil millones de dólares anuales de los que beneficia la industria que produce energía fósil. Sus prioridades en términos de justicia ecológica también dejan mucho que desear. En resumidas cuentas, la declaración adoptada con tanta pompa, no pasa de ser eso, un catálogo de buenas intenciones, cuya transformación en políticas y en acciones depende por completo de la buena voluntad de los países que adhirieron. Y sin embargo, luego de haber seguido de cerca las negociaciones estos últimos dos años, no puedo dejar de reconocer que luego de Varsovia, pasando por Lima y Bonn, el resultado de Paris me parece muy alentador. Ello debido a una serie de aspectos positivos. Aquí algunos: ...

Indonesia Green Union's Assessment of COP21 Climate Agreement

Paris, 30th November-12 December 2015
By: Ade Indriani Zuchri, General Secretary Indonesia Green Union

COP21 -Paris Agreement Points the Direction for the Transformation of our Economies

The Greens are pleased to see that governments are aligned with climate science and that they agree to pursue efforts to limit global temperature increase at 1.5°C. They also very much welcome the fact that the text underlines the importance of making finance flows consistent with this agreed objective (article 2). To get there, the world has clearly no other choice than to abandon fossil fuels in the next 35 years. States must now roll up their sleeves to take real actions on the ground. They must quickly transform their economies and redirect all their financial support to the development of renewable energy sources.

European Green Party's COP21 Daily Reports

Bonjour from Paris! The EGP’s daily COP21 briefing reports are available at:

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