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Global Greens COP21 Webinar

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Green leaders from around the world previewed Paris COP21 in a webinar (on-line seminar) on 9 November 2015, facilitated by Global Greens Coordinator Keli Yen. Around 80 participants from 26 countries joined the event and were able to listen to excellent presentations, comment and ask questions of the speakers.

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African States Should Demand Climate Justice at COP21 in Paris

The evidence of climate change is overwhelming around the continent. African states are requested to go with one voice and one position to the UN’s Conference on Climate Change in Paris, which is to demand climate justice for the African people. (In English and Spanish)

Mensaje de Los Verdes Africanos a la COP21 Paris

La evidencia del cambio climático es abrumadora en todo el continente. Se espera que los Estados Africanos acudan a la conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el cambio climático en Paris este diciembre con una sola voz y una sola postura, que es la de exigir justicia climática para los habitantes de su continente.

Paris COP21


The Global Greens will be actively engaged at the COP21 climate conference in Paris from Monday 30 November to Saturday 12 December 2015. Here you will find links to useful information for Greens in Paris and round the world.

Greens at COP21 Activity Programme

All videos from Greens at COP21

COP21 Global Greens news articles:

Yes we can! New Zealand Green Party's Climate Plan

At COP21 this December 2015 the international community will produce a new global climate agreement. Each nation must commit to ambitious domestic emissions reduction targets to achieve the global objective of limiting global temperature increase to less than 1.5°C with the benchmark of 2°C by 2030.


Govt should declare climate change a threat to peace and security

The Green Party is calling on the New Zealand Government to use its presidency of the UN Security Council to introduce a determination, in the form of a presidential statement or resolution following the Open Debate, that climate change is a threat to international peace and security.

“New Zealand can use its UN Security Council presidency to highlight the threat that climate change poses to international peace and security,” said Green Party global affairs spokesperson Dr Kennedy Graham.


New Zealand Green Party's 2015 priorities: climate change & inequality

The year 2015 is the year for leadership on climate change and inequality.

THANK YOU for your support!

Thanks for your trust, for your good wishes, for your generosity.

You helped Global Greens to cover my expenses to raise the voice of the Greens around the world at Lima.


A fossil fuel free world should be front and centre for us all in 2015: Christine Milne

The Lima climate talks did not go far enough to engender confidence for an ambitious global pact in Paris, but it has pulled negotiations back from the brink of collapse.

If this UN process is to change for the better, we must accept that two realities are being lived by rich and poor nations, and Australia must stop being miserly and obstructive.



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