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Climate Salvation: urgent but not yet - Kennedy Graham COP21 blog 3

Dr Kennedy Graham (MP, New Zealand), Global Greens delegate to COP-21

The new ‘text’ circulated this week at COP-21 tells the story of our global drama.  The ‘Ad Hoc Working Group for Enhanced Action’ has submitted the text to the Conference of the Parties which is now required to deliberate and adopt it.  This is jargon for ‘the diplomatic grouping responsible for the future of Earth’.


Domestic Workers and Climate Change

The main problems that drag women to become workers abroad, especially as domestic workers, are due to limited living space caused by massive expansion of big plantations, such as palm, pulp paper, or any other big investment. ... For the sake of economic growth, local communities are imposed upon to follow the capital owner's homogenisation of commodities such as agricultural conversation to palm, pesticide use, and modern life. Political, economic, and cultural benefits are often not acquired by the society. We have lost so much in the name of this big investment. We have lost our rights as the sovereign holder of food, land, water, energy, and other natural resources.

Messages for Ministers

Increasing the level of ambition will require trust and cooperation that has been sorely lacking in negotiations over the past 23 years. It is essential that countries abide by the spirit of the agreement without trying to twist the rules for their own advantage. That means there need to be clear rules and definitions, and strong accountability mechanisms. These next few days are crucial. We need politicians to step up and elevate their vision beyond the interests of polluters and their short term commercial interests. Green Party members from across all continents are in Paris to help make this happen, supported by our members and voters.

Sweden's fossil free development pathway

Countries in the world need new pathways for development, away from fossil carbon into renewable and fossil free future.

Sweden of today is built on revenues from the steel and paper industry, but our development has not finished. Climate change is now questioning the old development pathways.

Sweden is in a good position, we have nearly managed to phase out fossil energy in the sectors of heating and electricity. Our carbon emission accounted for in the Kyoto protocol shows 5,5 ton per capita, less than China of today. A carbon tax has been instrumental to make this happen.


Avancées et impasses du processus de négociation sur le changement climatique : et maintenant?

La question d’une vision partagée et de ce que doit être une convergence d’intérêt sur le changement climatique nécessite une discussion d’ordre quasiment philosophique. Sinon, on risque de perdre beaucoup de temps, de négociations techniques en négociations techniques, avec chaque fois des arguments présentés qui nous empêcheront d’avancer. Nous devons avoir le courage politique d’affronter une discussion de fond. Les négociations environnementales ont toujours été très en avance sur ce qui se faisait dans d’autres domaines. La prochaine innovation devrait être de porter les négociations vers la définition d’une convergence à l’horizon 2050. Les concepts d’équité étant très différents d’un pays à l’autre, lancer une telle discussion à l’échelle internationale laisse-t-il dubitatif? Mener des discussions autour des compromis sociaux qui sont derrière les modèles de développement et qui sont au fond le seul moyen de faire bouger la négociation sur le long terme, sur les préférences collectives des uns et des autres, serait-il prioritaire à la COP21 de Paris? Débat sur le « Changement Climatique » Contribution de Papa Meissa DIENG, Juriste Environnementaliste et Chargé d’Enseignement, UFR/SJP Université Gaston Berger ST-Louis, Senegal

Strengthening Local Community Initiatives to Oppose Exploitation of Natural Resources and Loss of Local Livelihoods

By: Green Union Indonesia (Sarekat Hijau Indonesia)

Indonesia has all the prerequisites to be a rich nation, with extensive natural resources such as minerals, coal, forests, ocean and coastal assets, farm land and plantations which are the lifeblood of local communities and the source of prosperity of its people.


Too much hot air, not enough trust – Day one from the Climate summit

By Barry Coates, Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

Memories of the Copenhagen climate summit are never far from the minds of negotiators at the climate change talks currently being held in Paris. In 2009 the Copenhagen talks collapsed in an atmosphere of political mistrust and mutual blame. It has taken six years to get negotiators back to the point of trying again to sign a global agreement.


Testing the climate, taunting the gods - Kennedy Graham COP21 blog 1

Kennedy Graham MP, Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

The national leaders of the world – there are, strictly as yet, no world leaders – have assembled in Paris and offered their wisdom on how to save the climate of planet Earth from humans, in the sense at least of keeping it congenial for humankind, and maybe a few other life-forms.


Global Greens Message from Paris

Find out how you can participate and follow the news from COP21 in Paris over the next two weeks. Our Global Greens team will be providing updates by email, facebook and website plus webinars as these crucial negotiations take place between now and 12 December.

Christine Milne COP21 talk

Overview in English and Spanish of Christine Milne's presentation at the Global Greens COP21 webinar.


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