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Global Greens Statement on ratifying the Paris Agreement

Statement by the Global Greens on the occasion of the Signing of the Paris Agreement, New York, 21 April 2016. Green parliamentarians around the world undertake to introduce in the national Parliaments, in which we are represented, domestic legislation to give practical effect to the Paris Agreement.


An interview with co-leader and climate minister from the New Zealand Greens on their successes in government so far and the challenges that lie ahead.

Greens hail ‘historic’ day for environmentalism in Ireland

The Green Party hailed today as a historic day for environmentalism in Ireland, after a majority of Dáil Éireann backed plans to ban future offshore oil and gas exploration in Irish waters.

Greens seek end to further oil and gas exploration

The Green Party will today introduce the Prohibition of Fossil Fuels (Keep It In the Ground) Bill 2017, seeking an end to further oil and gas exploration in Irish territory. The Bill comes as the COP23 conference in Bonn continues.

COP23 Statement - Global Greens Parliamentarians Association

"While we await the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on the pathway to 1.5 degrees Celsius due in October 2018, it is already known that the current impact of countries achieving their targets still leaves us far from achieving the Paris Agreement's goal. The Nationally Determined Contributions must be 'ratcheted up,' as is anticipated in the Paris Agreement," said the GGPA group at COP23.

Global Party leadership for achieving global climate goals

A Global Greens press conference was held at the COP23 climate negotiations held by the UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany. Green Party leaders discussed 1) What happened at COP23?, 2) What are Green parties aiming to achieve at these climate conferences?, 3) How is Green political leadership going to achieve the climate goals? The panel clearly establishes that voting for the Green party achieves real progress on climate justice.

Greens call for global resistance to Donald Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Agreement

“The best response to Trump’s announcement [to withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement] is increased ambition in tackling climate change. The Irish Government needs to now change tack. We cannot express our disappointment about what the Americans are doing and at the same time continue to let Ireland be a real laggard when it comes to taking climate action." - Green Party leader Eamon Ryan TD

Greens: Global temperature figures ‘urgent warning on climate change’

It is time we sent the American, Russian and Saudi oil companies packing.

Climate Change in Africa

Frank Habineza, president of African Greens Federation, speaks to African Newspage about the Global Greens’ charter whose key action points are dealing with the consequences of climate change and environmental pollution on the continent including droughts, hunger, floods, and desertification.


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