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Tika Dhoj Bhandari

Tika Dhoj BhandariTika Dhoj Bhandari, also known as Kamal, is an Alternate Representative of APGF to the Global Greens Coordination Committee (GGC), Co-convener of APGF and GGC member since December 2018. He is also an International secretary of Nepali Greens. He was selected as Councilor to APGF in 2016 and Deputy Convener to APGF in June 2019 before being elected as Co-convener in October 2019.

In Nepal, Tika is an environment activist and educationist working for environmental conservation, the promotion of renewable energy with its access to all especially the poor and educational reform at local level. Realizing the importance of the politics for the real and long-term changes through better policies, he involved in green politics as a founding Secretary of the party, Nepali Greens since

Besides, he is an advocate of human rights and democracy. As a humanitarian worker, he has been providing humanitarian support to the disaster victims during the period of disasters and crisis. He is
offering strategic and policy advice on education related issue being one of the core members of Green Institute’s Specialist Panel for sustainable development.

As a green politician, he wants to contribute to make Nepal, a country led by Nepali Greens in the future and working together with national and international friends.  

Green Party: Nepali Greens I
Official Email: [email protected]

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