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Josef Šmída

Global Greens Coordination alternate Member for the European Green Party

Josef Šmída has been a member of the Global Greens Coordination since 2016, representing the European Green Party (EGP).  Josef is from the Czech Republic. He joined Strana zelených (Czech Greens) in 2002 when he turned 18, Mladí zelení (Czech Young Greens) one year later. He serves in the International Team of the Czech Greens and as a party’ delegate to the EGP.

In the past, when the Czech Greens were in the Czech Government, Josef was head of human rights expert section of the party. He co-founded and co-developed Green Party cell in Žižkov - Prague district. This cell is now one of the most successful and progressive Green Party cells in Czech with political influence in Prague City Council.

During the governmental experience, he was also member of the Republic Council - the highest body of the Czech Greens between its Congresses. At that time, his main issue was the U.S. military base, later changed to U.S. radar base, which was planned to be built close to Prague and should be part of the U.S. National Missile Program. The project was stopped after people protests and the position of the Czech Greens in the Government.

Besides human rights and social politics, Josef is also interested in youth issues, anti-fascism and inclusion. He was chairman of the Czech Young Greens and later a member of the FYEG Executive Committee, where he was developing and focusing on such issues and activities.

Josef has got bachelor degree in specialization in pedagogy - social pedagogy and a masters degree in political sciences – Latin American studies. If not in Czech, he lived, worked and/or studied in Argentina, Canada and Moldova. 

Green party membership: Strana zelených

Contact: josef.smida(at) 

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