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Guia Limpin

Guia LimpinGlobal Greens Coordination Member for the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF)

Guia’s three decades of experience as part of the academe gave her an enormous gateway to be involved in the issues and challenges of Climate Change and Climate Justice; in the dire destruction of the environment and natural resources; in the heartless and corrupt practices the National, Local and Village level of government; and in the harsh and depraved effects of the Trans-Pacific Partnerships.  

Her strengths come from her extensive inputs in organization, coordination and management focused on the realization of end results.                    

Guia is people-oriented and person focused; family centered and community person; a social entrepreneur and environment activist; a life coach to empower one to a better future.  Guia is a proven administrator and manager in diverse areas of exposure.

Guia has organized her Barangay (village) residents to be active in the campaigns and concerns in the City as well as in the National range of governance with a special attention to the neglected and ostensibly ignored participation of the women.  She ran as the Punong Barangay (Barangay Chairman) in the local Barangay (village) elections of May 2013.

Guia espoused the use of renewable energy by producing biodiesel processed from waste vegetable oil and encourages the proper segregation of waste materials that should start from individual households.

Guia is the National Secretary General of the Greens Philippines – Partido Kalikasan and is a councilor in the Asia Pacific Greens Federation Council as the representative of the APGF Women’s Network.  Guia is an alternate member of the Global Greens Coordination for the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF).

Green Party Membership:  Greens Philippines / Partido Kalikasan



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