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Robinah K. Nanyunja

Robinah profile2Robinah K. Nanyunja, Vice President of the African Greens Federation

 Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, International Development Expert and a Leader.

Green Party Membership:  Ecological party of Uganda


A longtime advocate of sustainable development, Nanyunja began her career as an international research fellow, researching and analyzing development and environmental projects with various institutions in Uganda and across the globe. Since then, she remained focused to contribute to development using her qualifications, personal experiences and hands on training and demonstrations.

In 2006, she founded her own organization, Pilot International, whose objective is to promote global, sustainable development for the benefit of humanity and the planet by providing a global platform to its members, partners, subscribers and environmental responsible minds to promote international investments through provision of direct business to business, funding and partnership opportunities and linkages through International conferences, Publishing and Dissemination, Membership services, Projects, Rewarding and celebrating Global Innovations. 

Through Pilot International, Robinah has provided a global platform to attract international investments to Uganda, Africa and Asia in general, linking Africa to Africa and Africa to the world. The results of these efforts have been the companies and investment opportunities and projects which have been established bringing in foreign currency to Uganda and other recipient countries in general.  

Robinah has also spearheaded several successful sustainable development projects in local communities, empowering local groups to take ownership of the projects and continue to implement them as a result of her guidance.  Notably, she implemented community initiatives to promote the use of briquettes as an alternative source of fuel. The project provided training to members of the local community on converting urban domestic waste into briquettes, which then provides a sustainable alternative to wood and charcoal.  The project fostered collaboration between diverse groups, from civic leaders and civil society to women’s development groups and local government officials, and provided sources of income to the beneficiaries thereby fostering grassroots economic development.

Robinah's pursuits have been at the local, national and global dimensions both in her professional field and in social and civic fields.  Robinah is active in public speaking, advocacy, direct implementation and supervision of development projects, working with the grassroot communities and mobilizing them into development initiatives, entrepreneurship, leadership and good governance.

For the past 5 years, Robinah's contributions have been recognised with numerous international awards from across the globe, namely: On 21st September 2014 she received an International Star for Quality Award in the Gold Category from Geneva Switzerland on behalf of Pilot International to recognize the contribution of Pilot International in Leadership, Quality and Excellency through its efforts in building business leaders and entrepreneurs through the Pilot International Community Modal Projects, developing local markets and  quality improvement for global market trends focused on innovation, technology, growing brands and new products among others. In 2013 she received the East African Philanthropy Award for empowering the community in making of charcoal briquettes from domestic waste. Other awards obtained include:  Distinguished Global community service award from the University of Gezira, Sudan; Inspiring for Environmental Innovations award from the Rotary Club of Kampala Central; Earth Watch Europe Research Fellowship in Mallorca Spain, Manager of the year award from the UK just to mention but a few.

At the helm of her recognitions, on the 19th February 2018, The Academic Union Oxford nominated Robinah K. Nanyunja for the prestigious title of ‘Honorary Professor of the Academic Union Oxford’ in the field of business and management, citing all her great contributions to the world.

Nanyunja chose to embrace green politics and political leadership to be able to improve the welfare of the people with a democratic political leadership approach. Between 2010-2013 she served as a Vice President of Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU), where she exercised her leadership by putting in place result-oriented mechanisms and governance structures to ensure that the party serves the interests of the different groups of people in the society by formation of specific governance structures, such as the Youth league, Women league, Entrepreneurship league, Aged and Disabled league, Workers league and so many social groups.

During the 2016 national elections in Uganda, Robinah K. Nanyunja contested as a Member of Parliament for Kawempe North where she was the second runner up.

Nanyunja’s political engagement and candid leadership propelled her to continental green politics at the African Continental level. She served as a Treasurer for the African Greens Federation since 2013 to May 2018. In this role, she incorporated an environmental focus into policy on the pan-African level. Besides this she was in charge of overseeing and monitoring the financing for affiliated parties throughout Africa.

In May 2018, Robinah K. Nanyunja was elected as the First Vice President of African Greens Federation. With her new role she hopes to increase the advocacy of green politics on the African continent as well as support the strengthening of member parties.

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