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Baltimore City Green Party

About your Local Party:

After launching our dues paying membership model last year, we have just under 30 dues paying, decision making members. We meet monthly on second Sundays 4-6pm EST.

Do you have any elected representatives?

Yes, Rev. Annie Chambers was elected in April 2017 to the Resident Advisory Board of the Baltimore Housing Authority. She represents Douglass Homes, a public housing complex, where she lives.

About your Locality

Baltimore, Maryland, USA has a population ofj just over 600,000, which has been declining since a peak of nearly 1 million in 1950 due to White flight to the suburbs and deindustrialization, and development projects that have displaced mostly poor Black residents. Politically, Baltimore has been under uninterrupted one party Democrat rule for sixty years. Top political concerns include crime and a violent unaccountable police force, housing affordability, crumbling school infrastructure, the fight to raise the minimum wage, among others. Environmentally, some of the most polluted zip codes in the U.S. are located in South Baltimore, near a trash incinerator power plant and a coal power plant.

About your Campaign activities

Membership growth has plateaued in recent months, so we are looking for any creative ways to reinvigorate the process. Electorally, we will have at least four candidates in Baltimore City running for the Maryland state-level legislature, as well as our Maryland Governor and Lieutenant Governor (Rev. Chambers) candidates. Top issues are criminal justice reform, affordable housing, public health (especially early intervention), and cleaning up toxic dump sites in East Baltimore.  

About your Communications mediums

How will you feedback to your local party members about your twinning activity?

Agenda items at membership meeting, email, and social media.

Is your town/city twinned with anywhere?  


Communication with you Twinning Party

Skype or google hangout

Any other information

We are looking forward to building solidarity with Greens in Manchester!


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