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Manchester Green Party

About your Local Party:

The following meetings are held once a month, attended by various members, with some overlapping of dedicated members;

  • Business Meeting
  • TTW Meeting
  • Communications Meeting

We perform electoral activities (door knocking) leaflets to constituents of our target ward a minimum of twice a week. We deliver leaflets to constituents of our target ward once every 2 months outside of election periods.

  • Number of members – 514
  • Number of supporters – 1,883
  • Total number of members and supporters – 2,397

Do you have any elected representatives?  

Yes. N/A

About your Locality

About your Campaign activities

We run a regular TTW campaign, with ambitions of expanding our activities in the short to mid-term future.

Local issues include, but are not limited to; Democratic deficit within the Borough, lack of social housing, declining infrastructure, anti-social behaviour, potential implications as the result of potential fracking sites within the region, potential loss of Green belt.

About your Communications mediums

How will you feedback to your local party members about your twinning activity?

Agenda item at local meetings and social media

Is your town/city twinned with anywhere?


Communication with you Twinning Party

Email, skype/facetime


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