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Pinellas County Green Party

About your Local Party:


  • Pinellas Greens meet twice monthly in St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Pinellas County has a population of approximately 920,000 people, predominately white (82%).
  • There are about 650,000 registered voters in the county, of which about 800 are registered Green.
  • Attendance at meetings ranges from 10 to 15 active members.

Elected representation:

No elected representatives in the county as yet.  Although the party has state-wide ballot access, there is a filing fee or signature gathering requirement for all candidates.


The county population is just under 1 million people; it is densely populated, over-developed and struggles with water shortages and infrastructure deterioration (e.g. water treatment, sewage). According to the most recent census, the population is primarily white middle and working class, with a median annual income of $47,000. About 13% of Pinellas county residents live below the poverty line.

Politically, the county is evenly split between the 2 dominant political parties with 229,171 registered Republican and 228,141 registered Democratic. 188,899 are registered “3rd party” or No Party Affiliation (NPA). Like the state of Florida in general, voting districts in Pinellas County are gerrymandered to benefit Republicans so representation and legislation is heavily skewed to the extreme right. See Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections website for more information.

Campaign activities:

Membership development: community outreach; tabling at community events (Earth Day 2018); appearance at public meetings of Pinellas County and St. Petersburg town councils; letters to the editor and press releases on current issues;

The Local worked in support of candidates for Mayor of St. Petersburg and a local council seat in 2017.

Issues the Local is involved with include support for the homeless and the Homeless Bill of Rights. We developed a set of ordinances for St. Petersburg to replace their existing regulations, which essentially criminalize homelessness. We are also addressing the rampant gentrification in parts of the Black and low-income communities, developing educational and informational materials and presentations for people in and around those areas.

Communications mediums:

The Pinellas Local currently uses Facebook for on-line communication; website and other social media is coming.

How will you feedback to your local party members about your twinning activity?

We plan to make feedback on twinning a regular agenda item for all our bi-monthly meetings. We will also be sending email updates to our Local members and our state coordinating council, when necessary.

Is your town/city twinned with anywhere?  E.g civic/local authority twinning

Yes. St. Petersburg has sister city relationships with Takamatsu, Japan and St. Petersburg, Russia

Communication with your Twinning Party

We have used Google Hangouts in the past, but Skype is also an option for both co-ordinators.

Any other information

As all the world is well aware, I’m sure, the United States is physically and culturally isolated from most of the rest of the world, isolation that is largely self-imposed. We are in desperate need of contact and connection with other cultures, thoughts, and innovations. Support from Greens around the globe for our efforts here we hope will lend a certain amount of credence to Green values we try to embody here in the U.S.


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