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All News for Comhaontas Glas (Green Party Ireland)

Greens hail ‘historic’ day for environmentalism in Ireland

7 February, 2018
The Green Party hailed today as a historic day for environmentalism in Ireland, after a majority of Dáil Éireann backed plans to ban future offshore oil and gas exploration in Irish waters.

Greens call for global resistance to Donald Trump’s withdrawal from Paris Agreement

1 June, 2017
“The best response to Trump’s announcement [to withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement] is increased ambition in tackling climate change. The Irish Government needs to now change tack. We cannot express our disappointment about what the Americans are doing and at the same time continue to let Ireland be a real laggard when it comes to taking climate action." - Green Party leader Eamon... more

Greens: Global temperature figures ‘urgent warning on climate change’

13 November, 2016
It is time we sent the American, Russian and Saudi oil companies packing.

Greens: UN Sustainable Development Goals are a manifesto for the future of both the Global North and South

24 September, 2015
Green Party Ireland calls for a national dialogue on how the 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be met in Ireland.

Green Party criticises calls to cull certain ‘pest’ species in the wake of massive losses in global biodiversity

22 July, 2015
Green Party Ireland criticises calls to cull certain ‘pest’ species in the wake of massive losses in global biodiversity. Preventing biodiversity loss should be high on political agenda.

The 1999 European Elections - another breakthrough for the Greens

31 December, 2007
By Thomas Dietz Twenty years ago, in June 1979, the first elections to the European parliament were held. The results for the few, at that time only loosely organised green lists contesting the elections were already considerable, but not good enough to send any representatives to the European Parliament. Ten years later the greens could achieve an almost sensational breakthrough. In 1999, they... more

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