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Green Party of Canada condemns decision to bar European Green MP José Bové from entry to Canada

11 October, 2016
(OTTAWA) October 12, 2016 - The Green Party of Canada is condemning a decision by Canada Border Services Agency to bar Green European Parliament MP José Bové from entering Canada Tuesday night.Despite having a valid visa, Bové was denied entry to Canada at Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport for historical convictions for civil disobedience in France.“I’m outraged a sitting European... more

Green Party Canada Convention 2016

21 August, 2016
Green Party Canada (GPC) held its 2016 convention in Ottawa 4-7 August.  The program included an opening by Elizabeth May, Party Leader and MP, European Green Party Representative and Belgium MP Evelyne Huytebroeck, New Zealand Green Party Leader and MP James Shaw, and Federal Council President Ken Melamed, Bill McKibben keynote, a reflective and cathartic "laugh and cry together as we relive the... more

The Invisible Venezuela and the International Greens Movement

14 August, 2016
Amid the total crisis of a country without money, cities without water or electricity, people without food, without health, without security, the militarized revolutionary government of Nicolas Maduro decreed in February 2016 the establishment of the Mining Arch Development Zone of the Orinoco river, for the open pit mining of gold, diamonds, coltran, bauxite, torio, iron and other minerals, in... more

La Venezuela Invisible y el Movimiento Verde Internacional

14 August, 2016
Ahora, en medio de la crisis total de un país sin dinero, de ciudades sin agua y sin electricidad, poblaciones sin comida, sin salud y sin seguridad, el gobierno “revolucionario” de Nicolás Maduro decreta, en febrero 2016, la creación de la Zona de Desarrollo del Arco Minero, destinada a la explotación a cielo abierto de oro, diamantes, coltran, bauxita, torio, hierro y otros minerales, en una... more

COP21 Daily Blogs - Elizabeth May, MP

12 December, 2015
The Paris Agreement is an historic and potentially life-saving agreement. It does more than many of us expected when the conference opened on November 30. It will be legally binding. It sets a long term temperature goal of no more than 1.5 degrees as far safer than the (also hard to achieve) goal of no more than 2 degrees. In doing so, it may save the lives of millions. It may lead to the... more

Urgent Action Must Follow Paris Agreement: Statement by Green Members of Parliament

12 December, 2015
13 December 2015The Paris Agreement must be followed immediately by urgent action in emission reductions if the world is to avert dangerous climate change, said Green members of parliament on the conclusion of the UN climate change today.  Green MPs were commenting on the two documents that emerged from the UN’s COP-21 today, Saturday 13 December – the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the... more

A reflection: The importance of international electoral observation

31 October, 2015
Elecciones. Image: Bartosz Kapka
According to United Nations, the global electoral calendar shows that during 2015, some 30 democratic national elections will have taken place worldwide; and 42 political electoral processes are planned for 2016 across Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas.But beyond these promising democratic scenarios announcing free national elections, the political reality shows constrained civil... more

Global Greens get together in Lima

25 December, 2014
Green women at the Lima FPVA meeting
Greens from all over the world got together in Lima during the COP20 Conference between 1 and 12 December 2014. It was a key occasion to gather together representatives from our Global Greens Federations: Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Unfortunately, the African Greens could not be present in Lima. Read Veronica's account and listen to interviews with Green leaders from around the world.

Global Greens need to make the most of 2015: Elizabeth May

21 December, 2014
COP20 in Lima was not an unmitigated disaster, but it fell short of launching us into the final sprint to Paris with anything that could be described as momentum. It should be understood not as a new “deal” for the climate, but as a 12-month work plan leading to COP21.While the final decision on the ADP (Ad Hoc Working Group on Durban Platform for Enhanced Action) bent in a few critical places to... more

Green Party notables win office in municipal elections in Canada

3 November, 2014
Local government elections held on October 27, 2014 in Canada’s most populous province were punctuated with victories by three Green Party notables. One incumbent and two newcomers were elected in Ontario.In the national capital city of Ottawa, former Green Party of Canada leadership candidate David Chernushenko was re-elected in Capital Ward with a commanding 76.36% portion of the popular vote.... more

Canada Greens MP: Why I am marching

6 August, 2014
On Sunday September 21 I will be with my daughter in New York, marching with tens of thousands of concerned citizens – demanding action on the climate crisis. The march is timed to build pressure on world leaders and in support of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s Climate Solutions Summit on September 23.In December 2013, I was in Warsaw at the 19th Conference of the Parties within the world’s... more

Remember Fukushima: Sayonara Nukes

11 March, 2014
March 11, 2014OTTAWA – Protesters in Tokyo have been demanding that the doomed nuclear reactors in Fukushima remain shut down in anticipation of today’s third anniversary of the disaster.  Carrying placards saying “Sayonara nukes,” they express a sentiment held by Greens around the world.The devastating accident in Fukushima continues to allow radionuclides to reach the Pacific Ocean. The... more

Green elected to City Council in Canada's Third Largest City

24 November, 2011
Green Party of Canada Deputy Leader Adriane Carr was elected to the Vancouver City Council on November 19th. Carr co-founded the first Green Party in North America, the BC (British Columbia) Green Party, in 1983 and has played a leading role in the development of the Greens in Canada ever since. Her election follows that of Elizabeth May, the first Green elected to the Canadian parliament, from... more

Historic Greens breakthrough in Canada

2 May, 2011
Elizabeth May wins
In May 2011, Elizabeth May, Leader of the Canadian Greens, decisively won the seat of Saanich-Gulf Islands in British Columbia despite the archaic Canadian first-past-the-post voting system. She is the first Green elected to the House of Commons, a truly historic breakthrough. Read "Elizabeth May and the Canadian Greens Make History" by Camille Labchuk, Green Party of Canada Federal Councillor... more


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