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Global issues at the National Conference

21 June, 2018
In a world where everything is interconnected, we mustn't lose sight of global issues at our National Conferences.By Viv Glance, Australian Greens International Secretary and Convenor of our Global Issues Working Group.Original article: We live in a world where communications and economies, movement of people and human rights are... more

India Greens Welcomes Scott Ludlam

4 April, 2018
New Delhi, April 5, 2018:  The India Greens – the emerging national Green party in the country – welcomed Mr Scott Ludlam, a leader of the Australian Greens and a former Senator in the national Australian Senate from July 2008 to July 2017, in New Delhi on 4th of April 2018.The India Greens thanked Mr Ludlam for visiting India and meeting with the party leaders.Mr Ludlam — who also served as... more

Greens are Everywhere, Including Nepal!

19 January, 2018
Wonderful article about the Nepali Greens' Green Camp project & election campaign 2017. Giz Watson of the Australian Greens' International Development Committee gives a good example of Global Greens solidarity in action!

Global Party leadership for achieving global climate goals

15 November, 2017
A Global Greens press conference was held at the COP23 climate negotiations held by the UNFCCC in Bonn, Germany. Green Party leaders discussed 1) What happened at COP23?, 2) What are Green parties aiming to achieve at these climate conferences?, 3) How is Green political leadership going to achieve the climate goals? The panel clearly establishes that voting for the Green party achieves real... more


2 April, 2017
Att förvalta haven är en ödesfråga lika stor som klimatet och kräver globalt samarbete. I helgen antog Global Greens kongress Miljöpartiet de grönas resolution om globalt arbete för att rädda haven.

Greens 2017 Congress Live Blog

29 March, 2017
By: Rosanne Bersten, Bethamie Woodstone & Sophie Trevitt, Australian Greens, 2017-03-30, Original link Sunday, 2 April 8:00am: Good morning home viewers! Sophie here. It's the last day of congress today. The streets of Liverpool are filled with remnants of a big Saturday night (not ours of course, Greens don't litter), it's Canberra-level cold, none of the coffee shops are open yet and our... more

Asia Pacific Greens meet with Australian Greens reps

17 June, 2016
Senator Lee Rhiannon
Greens International Aid and Development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon will host a delegation from the Asia Pacific Greens (APG) study tour at her office this evening. The delegation is made up of 22 delegates from 11 countries: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Lebanon. The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation is a... more

Making Connections: the Asia Pacific Greens Election Study Tour to Australia

10 June, 2016
Visit with NSW MP Jenny Leong, Protestors Falls, Grayndler office, APGF Women with Candidate Dawn Walker, APG delegates in NSW Parliament House with Senator Mehreen Faruqui discuss the role of women in parliament., NSW Parlaiment House seats, NSW Parlaiment House steps
There's nothing quite like getting together with Greens from 11 different countries across the Asia Pacific region to remind you that you're part of a global movement. During May, 22 delegates from Green parties across Asia Pacific spent 10 days in Sydney and the sub-tropical north of the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The delegates were learning first hand from the Australian and NSW... more

Global Greens Action on Implementing the Paris Agreement

11 May, 2016
A Global Greens statement was produced to coincide with the Paris Agreement signing ceremony which took place in New York in April. The Global Greens campaign invited Green members in national parliaments to identify one fossil fuel reserve to leave in the ground and at least one fossil fuel subsidy to abolish or phase out and take legislative action accordingly. We also invited national Green... more

Global Greens Statement on ratifying the Paris Agreement

22 April, 2016
Statement by the Global Greens on the occasion of the Signing of the Paris Agreement, New York, 21 April 2016. Green parliamentarians around the world undertake to introduce in the national Parliaments, in which we are represented, domestic legislation to give practical effect to the Paris Agreement.

Global Greens estamos comprometidos con la aplicación del Acuerdo de París

22 April, 2016
Nota de prensa de Global Greens Con motivo de la firma del Acuerdo de París Nueva York, 21 de abril de 2016 Los partidos verdes del mundo, estamos unidos en nuestro compromiso con la lucha contra el cambio climático, así como con la aplicación del Acuerdo de París para limitar el aumento global de temperatura muy por debajo de los 2 ° C y proseguir los esfuerzos para limitar el aumento de... more

Across the Seas

27 January, 2016
2016 isn't just the election year here in Australia. As members of the Global Greens network, we look forward to participating around the world.

Global Greens Parliamentary Leaders – Inaugural Meeting

11 December, 2015
GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015, GGPA Leaders group meeting - December 2015
Paris, 12 December 2015The parliamentary leaders of Green parties around the world held an historic first meeting at the UN climate conference in Paris, today.The meeting was hosted by the Global Greens Parliamentarian Association (GGPA), a group established at the Global Greens Congress in Senegal in 2012.  Leaders from six countries attended: Åsa Romson (Sweden), Caroline Lucas (UK), Didace... more

Visit to Mongolia and meeting with Mongolian Greens Party

3 November, 2015
Most Australians are vaguely aware of Mongolia, a vast country roughly the size of Queensland, located between two giants – Russia and China. I first noticed Mongolia as a Green when in the 1990s following the introduction of democracy, the MGP became the first Greens party in Asia. From 1996-2000 the party was in governing coalition with 3 other parties. Since that time the party fractured with... more

A fossil fuel free world should be front and centre for us all in 2015: Christine Milne

22 December, 2014
The Lima climate talks did not go far enough to engender confidence for an ambitious global pact in Paris, but it has pulled negotiations back from the brink of collapse.If this UN process is to change for the better, we must accept that two realities are being lived by rich and poor nations, and Australia must stop being miserly and obstructive.Developed countries want to focus on mitigation.... more

Acting together on climate change today

19 December, 2014
Senator Waters with climate guardian angels
While Australia’s conservative, anti-science Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, fought to keep climate change off the agenda at the G20, world leaders and the community made sure it was a focus. According to our climate denialist Prime Minister, climate change is apparently not an economic issue. This is of course despite the facts that climate change will have a major impact on food security and human... more

Join The People's Climate March

16 September, 2014
The leader of the Australian Greens and climate champion, Senator Christine Milne, invites supporters to join the worldwide People’s Climate March this weekend. Millions of people will march around the world to pressure politicians meeting in New York to fight global warming before it’s too late. Read her inspiring letter and attend a People’s Climate event near you - worldwide!

Australian Greens urge government to retain aid in post-war Afghanistan

28 October, 2013
Greens aid and development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has urged the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to publicly commit to continuing Australia's aid program to Afghanistan following today's report of a possible wind down of assistance to that country. (AFR page 1) "After more than a decade of war and destruction of infrastructure and the associated social dislocation, any reduction in... more

Australia swings right. Greens hold Senate seats and win Melbourne

9 September, 2013
Australia has swung to the right. It’s not a landslide but the conservative Abbott government will have a comfortable majority in the new parliament. The Greens are jubilant about holding Adam Bandt’s seat in the House of Representatives with a massive swing of 7.8% giving him a primary vote of 43.4% (the lower house of parliament has single member electorates and preferential voting). The Greens... more

Fukushima two years on - APGN Statement

11 March, 2013
The global impact of the Fukushima disaster highlights the responsibility of all nations to ensure the safety of citizens and protect our planet for future generations. We are all implicated in the nuclear supply chain, whether that be through uranium mining, refining, power generation, radioactive waste, nuclear weapons, or through complicity by not discouraging the practice of our trading... more

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