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Exporting list of Parties

Go to Advanced Search (under the Search item in the Admin Menu at top of screen), find the Contact Types button (2nd row near top left), select Parties, click on Search.

Then you get the results screen. Select 'All xx records' (above 'actions').

Under 'actions' select Export Contacts and hit GO.

This takes you to a page where you decide which fields/columns you want exported. Usually there will be a pre-built 'mapping' to export, so select the 'select fields for exports' and then click on 'use saved field mapping' and look in the dropdown for the preset export eg Parties and Fed'n Status.

Click on Continue.

This then shows you the list of all the preselected Fields - which you can modify if you want to and either update the existing mapping or save it as a new mapping.

(to remove a field just reset the 'contact type' dropdown to 'select')

You can then export this as a CSV which you can open in any suitable program eg OpenOffice, NeoOffice, Excel.


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