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Join the giant People's March for the Climate this weekend wherever you are in the world. Take a photo and post it on our facebook page with hashtag #GGCOP21. And over the next two weeks join our virtual demonstration too. Stand up for the climate against government inaction and the fossil fuel lobbies and add your location and message in English, French, German and Spanish. Read more
Listen to presentations from the first ever Global Greens webinar (online seminar) where Green leaders from around the world previewed next week's COP21 climate summit in Paris. Read more
Democratic Green Party of Rwanda's Flag
The evidence of climate change is overwhelming around the continent. African states are requested to go with one voice and one position to the UN’s Conference on Climate Change in Paris, which is to demand climate justice for the African people. (In English and Spanish) Read more
Democratic Green Party of Rwanda's Flag
La evidencia del cambio climático es abrumadora en todo el continente. Se espera que los Estados Africanos acudan a la conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el cambio climático en Paris este diciembre con una sola voz y una sola postura, que es la de exigir justicia climática para los habitantes de su continente. Read more
World leaders are going to Paris on 30 November. So are the Greens. We will be in the global climate marches on the weekend of 27 to 29 November, and we will be at COP21 in Paris. Whatever the outcome in Paris, this is just the beginning. Join an action near you and make your voice heard before, during, and after COP21. Looking forward to the future, there's one date you need to save: in March-April 2017 the Global Greens and European Greens will hold a combined Congress in Liverpool, UK! This... Read more
BOGOTA, 05 de Noviembre_ RAM_  Con la participación del Ejecutivo Nacional, congresistas y periodistas, el Partido Alianza Verde dio a conocer su balance electoral, tras los recientes comicios regionales. Para los directivos, el resultado constituye un triunfo para la democracia, en especial al ganar tres importantes gobernaciones en el país. Se trata del departamento de Putumayo con Sorrel Aroca, Nariño; Camilo Romero y Boyacá; Carlos Amaya, quienes evocan un relevo generacional de... Read more
Make history! Join our first ever Global Greens webinar on Monday 9 November at 9 pm UTC. Hear Greens speakers from round the world preview the Paris COP21 climate talks; join the chat; ask questions. (A webinar is an online seminar - participate via your computer) Read more
Farmland and forest in Nepal
Nepali Greens call for Greens to speak up against the unofficial border blockade by India, which is preventing fuel, medicine and other essentials from reaching Nepal, and to take initiatives to resolve the crisis through global green diplomacy. Read more
Te Apiti wind farm, Manawatu, New Zealand | Jondaar_1
At COP21 this December 2015 the international community will produce a new global climate agreement. Each nation must commit to ambitious domestic emissions reduction targets to achieve the global objective of limiting global temperature increase to less than 1.5°C with the benchmark of 2°C by 2030. Sadly, New Zealand's government has chosen to set one of the world's weakest and most embarrassing climate targets, complaining that anything more than 11 percent reduction below 1990 levels by 2030... Read more
Elecciones. Image: Bartosz Kapka
According to United Nations, the global electoral calendar shows that during 2015, some 30 democratic national elections will have taken place worldwide; and 42 political electoral processes are planned for 2016 across Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. But beyond these promising democratic scenarios announcing free national elections, the political reality shows constrained civil societies around the world struggling to recover democracy or at least promoting a transition to... Read more
EGP Council in Lyon
The European Green Party is celebrating the 23rd Autumn Council Meeting, taking place in Lyon, France, from 13 to 15 November 2015. Some of the most important topics of the Council will be the Climate Change Campaign, leading up to the COP21 in Paris, the current refugee crisis, the Eurozone being shaken by the Greek crisis, and the Circular Economy. Moreover, from Global Greens, we want to inform you about the Parallel Sessions that will be held on Friday 13th from 18:30 to 20:00. Our workshop... Read more
FPVA logo
The Partido Socialista Verde (PASOVE) will host meetings in the Dominican Republic from 13 to 17 November:  the General Congress of PASOVE, the General Assembly of the Federación de Partidos Verdes de las Americas (FPVA) and the Congress of Youth of the Federation of Green Parties of the Americas. Here are the agendas in order to not miss any of the events. In Spanish:  Viernes 13 de Noviembre Llegada a Santo Domingo, se recibe a los participantes en el aeropuerto y se les lleva al hotel Weston... Read more
Nuclear, no thanks!
The Finnish nuclear power company Fennovoima's plans to build a nuclear power plant at Hankikivi has caused extensive debate in Finland. The reason is not only that nuclear energy is not a solution for the future. There are other reasons to oppose the project, too.  One of the main reasons for criticism is that Fennovoima is building the plant together with the Russian energy company Rosatom, which is directly in guidance of the Russian state. Rosatom is not only supposed to deliver the reactor... Read more
Rwanda Greens Training
On Saturday, 17th October 2015, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, successfully trained its political bureau members on participatory democracy, human rights and elections at Hotel Le Printemps in Kigali. The party leaders, had an opportunity to be refreshed on both national and international protocols and practices on human rights, democracy and elections. Members were also trained on their role in the promotion of free and fair elections, promotion of human rights in Rwanda and their... Read more
Hurricane Patricia from space | NASA's Earth Observatory
The reality of climate change, increasingly expressed through extreme weather events, results directly from the actions of a humanity that lacks environmental awareness and has massive destructive capacity. The 'executioner' of life on planet Earth is humankind’s imposed system of production and consumption. Our job as Green parties is to combat the economic forces that are destroying the planet and help humankind to recover its environmental consciousness. Some examples are given of the work... Read more
Terry Reintke
The European Commission has made the digital single market agenda one of its major priorities for the coming years. Many webpages have been filled, position papers written and press statements made about the enormous potential a digital single market holds for European citizens:  economic growth, innovation and competitiveness, free flow of online goods, just to name a few of the recurring buzzwords connected to the digital market strategy. However, not much has been said about the missed... Read more
Grenoble i-road
If you talk with whoever was in Helsinki in September for the Green Cities Conference (25-26 September), s/he will probably tell you the same story: it was a precious experience. Not only because 253 participants from 34 countries took part to it, thus providing an occasion for interesting debates. Not only because it covered a wide range of topics, from transport and tourism to combating poverty and women in politics, thus providing a 360° panoramic of the environmental, social and economic... Read more
Jóvenes Verdes - Partido Ecologista de Chile
Chilean Young Greens say that the true color of the Revolution is Green! The first national green youth camp of the Chilean Greens - Partido Ecologista de Chile has been a great success. It was celebrated in the mountains of the National Park Laguna del Laja, in Chile. For a fair Chile, with equity and sustainability! More info about this youth camp here, in Spanish: Con motivo del Primer Campamento Nacional de Jóvenes Verdes, más de 50 jóvenes se congregaron el pasado fin de semana, entre el... Read more
Location planned of the Pyhäjok Nuclear Power Plant
Many Swedish citizens are very concerned about the plans for a nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki 150-300 km from the Swedish coastline, which could be built by Rosatom, the Russian Nuclear industry. The bay of Bothnia with its shallow waters is a unique and extremely sensitive and vulnerable ecosystem where only the operation of a reactor would have disastrous consequences.Although the consequences of an accident would be devastating for people and nature.The effects of the meltdown at Chernobyl... Read more


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