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2016 isn't just the election year here in Australia. As members of the Global Greens network, we look forward to participating around the world. Read more
As the ink dries on the Paris Agreement concluded in December, the significance of the event is now being weighed up. At one and the same time, it is an ‘historic moment of hope for humanity’; it goes ‘nowhere near far enough’; and it is even a ‘fraud’. Which is correct? For Christiana Figuerres, Executive Director of UNFCC, the Agreement, “establishes a new model of 21st century diplomacy”. The global problems of the 21st century are different; they are not zero-sum; they invite the... Read more
Dr Kennedy Graham, MP (NZ) The 2015 Paris outcome is going to require higher standards of behaviour from all 196 Parties to the Framework Convention.   The Paris Agreement aims to ‘strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change’; Article 4 provides that “developed country Parties should continue taking the lead by undertaking economy-wide reduction targets”. In the accompanying COP-21 decision, the Conference notes with concern that “much greater emission reduction efforts... Read more
DGPR meeting
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, takes on this moment to thank all party members, supporters, the media fraternity, Government of Rwanda, the International community, the Global Greens Family and the general public for the different support accorded to the party during 2015.The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda consolidated its gains from 2014 and achieved key milestones during 2015. We are hopeful that 2016 will be a year of greater achievements.DGPR has established party structures in 15... Read more
Dr Kennedy Graham, MP (NZ) The ink is dry now, on the historic Paris Agreement and its accompanying COP-21 implementing decision.   The Agreement will have a leisurely birth as befits a 20th-century multilateral treaty:   It will be open for signature from 22 April ‘16 and ratification from 22 April ’17.   It will come into force when 55 parties comprising 55% of global emissions have ratified, which will probably be just short of 2020.   The substance of the Agreement, the NDCs (nationally-... Read more
(Fotos: Carla Piranda / Reynaldo Morais)
É oficial: nós temos um acordo global para o clima. Depois de mais de 20 anos de conversas, recuos, atrasos, negociações, pactuações e repactuações, enfim temos um acordo assinado por todos os países da ONU. Desde 1992 o planeta aguarda esse momento. Ainda que nossa tendência crítica seja sempre a de olhar com desconfiança, a hora é de comemorar. A meta de se ficar abaixo dos 2oC e seguir se esforçando para que não passe de 1,5oC está além do esperado.  É um forte indicativo para os... Read more
DGPR Chair votes
Rwandans have casted their votes in a national referendum aimed at maintaining the incumbent President to be elected for three more presidential terms. The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda does not support any change in the constitution, especially the lifting of presidential term limits and instead calls for the reduction of the term duration from seven to five years. The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda will not give up on the struggle to make Rwanda a vibrant democracy. Read more
Image: Ben&Jerrys
"Think Globally Act Locally" has been the hallmark of Green Party action since we emerged as a political movement in the 1970's and in Paris it was wonderful to be part of hundreds of Greens from all over the world coming together as a growing force, sharing experiences and skills in the campaign to seriously arrest global warming and secure this global agreement. Congratulations and thank you to everyone wherever you are: from those who organised marches and local actions, to those who... Read more
El Acuerdo no tiene nada de legalmente vinculante, no consta de controles reales y no prevé posibilidades de punir el país que no cumpla con las promesas. Tampoco toca el tema de los subsidios de más de 500 mil millones de dólares anuales de los que beneficia la industria que produce energía fósil. Sus prioridades en términos de justicia ecológica también dejan mucho que desear. En resumidas cuentas, la declaración adoptada con tanta pompa, no pasa de ser eso, un catálogo de buenas intenciones... Read more
Paris, 30th November-12 December 2015 By: Ade Indriani Zuchri, General Secretary Indonesia Green Union   COP 21 has just ended; there will be no more long debate, serious situation, disappointed gimmick, and high tense atmosphere. What can we pick from the biggest event, which was participated by 195 countries in Paris? A legal agreement in which all of participated countries should keep the global emission below 2 degrees. It became a long debate among civil organizations around the world.... Read more
The Greens are pleased to see that governments are aligned with climate science and that they agree to pursue efforts to limit global temperature increase at 1.5°C. They also very much welcome the fact that the text underlines the importance of making finance flows consistent with this agreed objective (article 2). To get there, the world has clearly no other choice than to abandon fossil fuels in the next 35 years. States must now roll up their sleeves to take real actions on the ground. They... Read more
Bonjour from Paris! The EGP’s daily COP21 briefing reports are available at: Day 1: It’s day number 1 at the conference site “Le Bourget” in Paris. Over 40,000 participants from across the world are expected to attend. The summit kicks-off with a Leader’s Event, which includes speeches by François Hollande, Ban Ki-Moon and tonnes of heads of states. Follow their speeches live from 10:00am (CET) here. Our briefings will offer you exclusive comments from Green... Read more
The outcome is historic. The international community is, substantively for the first time, acting as a global community facing a global problem. All 196 parties are accepting a legally-binding obligation to undertake effective action to avert dangerous climate change. The ’92 Framework Convention set up the global objective and structure. The 2015 protocol (otherwise known as the Paris Agreement) is requiring nationally-determined contributions (NDCs) from everybody to deliver on the global... Read more
The Paris Agreement is an historic and potentially life-saving agreement. It does more than many of us expected when the conference opened on November 30. It will be legally binding. It sets a long term temperature goal of no more than 1.5 degrees as far safer than the (also hard to achieve) goal of no more than 2 degrees. In doing so, it may save the lives of millions. It may lead to the survival of many small nations close to sea level. It may give our grandchildren a far more stable... Read more
13 December 2015The Paris Agreement must be followed immediately by urgent action in emission reductions if the world is to avert dangerous climate change, said Green members of parliament on the conclusion of the UN climate change today.  Green MPs were commenting on the two documents that emerged from the UN’s COP-21 today, Saturday 13 December – the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the decision adopted at the Conference to implement it. The MPs had met as members of the Global Greens... Read more
GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015
Paris, 12 December 2015The parliamentary leaders of Green parties around the world held an historic first meeting at the UN climate conference in Paris, today.The meeting was hosted by the Global Greens Parliamentarian Association (GGPA), a group established at the Global Greens Congress in Senegal in 2012.  Leaders from six countries attended: Åsa Romson (Sweden), Caroline Lucas (UK), Didace Pembe (DR Congo), Elizabeth May (Canada), Richard Di Natale (Australia) and James Shaw (NZ).“This is an... Read more
Author: Partido Alianza Verde La jefa de temas climáticos de la ONU, Christiana Figueres, el secretario general de la ONU, Ban Ki-moon, el ministro de Exteriores de Francia, Laurent Fabius, y el presidente de Francia, Francois Hollande. La conferencia de París sobre el cambio climático finalmente ha dado frutos. Los 195 países reunidos en esa ciudad aprobaron este sábado un acuerdo final que entrará en vigor a comienzos de 2016. "El punto más importante es el acuerdo para que el aumento de la... Read more
At present, the text fails to avert dangerous climate change. A diplomatic success in producing a document. A political failure in that the document does not guarantee attainment of the stated purpose. In what ways does it not, will it not, do that? In two ways: 1) The global emissions reductions are inadequate, both as to magnitude and speed; 2) There is no meaningful exploration of national responsibility levels for sharing the Global Carbon Budget. Read more
The President’s text of 9 Dec. has weakened the co-chairs’ text of 5 Dec. to a dangerous degree. With mitigation, there are eight main components: purpose, long-term goal, individual effort, progression, timing, ex ante process, adjustments, and stocktake. With four of these, the text remains more or less unchanged (individual effort; progression, timing and adjustment). But in four others, the text is weakened, as is shown below. Read more


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