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YES! for the Scottish Green Party

Greens supporters out campaigning for Yes
Greens supporters out campaigning for Yes

The Scottish Green Party has been campaigning hard for years for a YES vote in this Thursday's independence vote. Independence for Scotland could bring major climate benefits - so this week’s referendum is a key moment in the climate campaign. We explain more here.

On Thursday 18 September, people across Scotland will vote on one simple question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

Scottish Greens have been involved in the campaign for years. They have set up the Green Yes campaign, canvassed for support from door to door, registered new voters in working-class areas, and turned out green left people across the country to vote this Thursday.

The result could have big implications for the global climate. Scotland is already a world leader with a target to produce 100% of Scotland’s energy needs from renewable energy by 2020 - and independence will safeguard this and give Scotland the powers to move even faster away from fossil fuels, and power a global renewable revoltuion.

Green blogger Adam Ramsay argues that national British politicians are slowing down Scotland’s renewable energy revolution with their support for fossil fuels - and that having the power over Scotland’s energy future in Edinburgh will be safer for the climate. There are risks, of course - risks that Scotland feels too dependent on their oil reserves - but the chance to responsibly stop fossil fuel extraction while giving workers a fair go is too important to miss.

Green Yes has just released a briefing note on their plans for Energy Independence: most crucially for the climate, they want to slow, then stop oil extraction in the North Sea, because that carbon can’t be burned if we are to keep the hope of a safe climate alive. They also want a just transition for workers and a renewable energy grid owned by communities across Scotland. 

The official ‘Yes’ campaign is also backing a Yes vote for the climate.

One of the most exciting things for Greens watching the referendum from around the world has been the reinvigoration of democracy that has come with it: more than 97% of eligible Scottish people are now registered to vote, compared to 63.8% who voted in the UK elections in 2010.

If Scottish people choose an independent future this week, Greens everywhere are ready to work with them to build another world - and a safer climate.

Greens supporters out campaigning for Yes
Greens supporters out campaigning for Yes
Greens supporters out campaigning for Yes
Greens supporters out campaigning for Yes

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