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World Social Forum in Tunisia

WSF 2013 Logo
WSF 2013 Logo

Ever since the creation of the World Social Forum in 2001, the Greens have participated in this unique set of people's forums.

The 2013 World Social Forum will take place in Tunis, Tunisia from 26-30 March 2013 (see It is the first time that the WSF goes into a country which is still in the making, with many hopes, but equally with many fears that the "Arab Spring" might quickly end in an Arab Autumn. Civil liberties, in particular women's rights, are far from being consolidated.  Local economic development is threatened by free trade agreements with industrialized countries namely the European Union.  Policies that shape the economic, social and ecological future of emerging nations are being entered into before the people have been able to express their desires in thorough democratic discussions. 

The WSF 2013 program will broadly consist of the following:

  • March 26 : Opening March
  • March 27 : Revolutions and struggle processes for dignity, freedom, democracy and social justice in Maghreb, Mashreq and all over the world (self-organized activities)
  • March 28 : Self-organized activities
  • March 29 : Convergence assemblies
  • March 30 Morning : Global Assembly for action
  • March 30 Afternoon : Closing march in the framework of the international solidarity day with Palestine

Gaby Kueppers from the Greens in the European Parliament has offerred to act as a central contact point for Greens going to Tunis and to assist in coordinating some green led events to contribute to the above program.  Green led events may be held around the following topcis but other suggestions are also welcome:

  • shale gas
  • environmental justice 
  • From decolonization to reparation" (based on a declaration by French MEP Jean-Jacob Bicep)
  • "What place for ecologists in the Maghreb region"  or "Ecological and social  transformation"

In addition, a new session of the World Parliamentary Forum is being planned. Greens hope to chair one of the three anticipated sessions.

Gaby is keen to hear from greens who plan to attend in Tunis.  Please include your contact details, any relevant plans you are making and your suggestions for green collaboration at the WSF. 

Contact Gaby Kueppers: [email protected] 

WSF 2013 Logo

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