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Victory for the Finnish Greens in the Parliamentary Election

Party leader Ville Niinistö
Party leader Ville Niinistö

The Finnish parliamentary election took place on Sunday 17th of April, 2015. The Finnish Greens got an outstanding result: 8,5 % and 15 seats. This is an increase of 5 seats from the previous election. More than 250 000 Finnish people voted for the Greens in Finland.

- We won, says Ville Niinistö, chair of the Finnish Greens.

- Our result was better than ever before. We gained seats in new areas, for instance in Central Finland and Eastern Finland. A positive thing is that we got the first two migrant MPs in our recent history, one of which is from the Greens. This is a historical moment for us.

Niinistö emphasizes the importance of the campaigning themes.

- When other parties where talking about the structure, we were talking about schools, jobs, environment and poverty. We want a better future for our children, more jobs in cleantech industry, free-flowing rivers and an unconditional basic income, Niinistö says.

The Finnish Greens were the only party to grow besides the Centre party. The Centre Party now has the responsibility of forming the government.

- All coalitions are possible. Due to our success we expect to be included in the negotiations, Niinistö says.

Results in the Finnish parliamentary elections (200 seats in total): 

Centre Party: 21,1% (change: +5,3%), 49 seats (+14)
True Finns: 17,6% (change: -1,4%), 38 seats (-1)
National Coalition Party: 18,2% (change: -2,2%), 37 seats (-7)
Social Democrats: 16,5% (change: -2,6%), 34 seats (-8)
Greens: 8,5% (change: +1,3%), 15 seats (+5)
Left Alliance: 7,1% (change: -1,0%), 12 seats (-2)
Swedish People's Party: 4,9% (change: +0,6%), 9 seats (0)
Christian Democrats: 3,5% (change: -0,5%), 5 seats (-1)

The results can be found here

Party leader Ville Niinistö

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