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Swiss Young Greens' climate actions

The Swiss Young Greens have long been active in organising actions to convey the reality of global warming to people in their country. Martin Neukom explained some of these actions to us.

Switzerland is already feeling the impacts of global warming: glaciers are melting, and by 2050 probably only one will remain. Ground that was previously frozen is melting, and landslides are increasing. Switzerland may even soon experience its first problems of water security - a decade ago, nobody would have believed this possible. So the Young Greens have taken action to highlight the problem and its solutions.

In around 2005, the Young Greens staged an action against SUV cars - and launched a citizen’s initiative to ban SUV cars from the road. In the end, the parliament put forward a proposal to reduce the average emissions of new cars being sold.

We have also demonstrated that a car wastes so much space, compared to a bicycle, by putting up to 10 bicycles on one car parking spot - and even painting parking places for bicycles onto the road!

In Zurich, the Young Greens organise a large bicycle demonstration on the 22th of September every year. This is the international carfree day and for two hours we can take our place on the roads in Zurich. This is always a large happening - around 500 people take part.

Finally, in Solothurn - a small city in Switzerland - we protested against climate change with costumes of penguins and polar bears. The polar bear is looking for a new home since the Arctic ice is melting.



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