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Russia has to stop the support to the illegally armed groups in Eastern Ukraine. Diplomatic negotiations need to be reinforced

The Global Greens are deeply concerned by the intensifying crisis in the Ukraine and express their solidarity with Ukraine’s democratic movement and with all its people. The crisis must be resolved through dialogue. All parties involved should do their utmost to negotiate a peaceful solution that respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity as well as the legitimate interests of the ethnic Russian population. The agreement reached by the United States, Russia, the European Union and the Ukraine in Geneva is far from perfect but it might be a first step to a more relaxed and safe climate under the strict proviso that all parties accept and adhere to this compromise.

We underline the following:

  • All parties should  refrain from using  violence, provocation and threats. Actions that intensify the spiral into violence and increase the risk of military confrontation should be frozen immediately. The pain, destruction and hatred that a military conflict would provoke will open wounds that will poison the region for decades.

  • Russia must withdraw its troops from the Ukrainian border and stop threatening Ukraine's sovereignty. Russia should also remove its soldiers from Ukrainian territory, end its support for illegally armed groups in eastern Ukraine and stop fear-mongering amongst the Russian minority.

  • The illegally armed groups have to hand in their weapons and leave the occupied buildings. All of the OSCE observers taken hostage by pro-Russian forces must be released immediately.

  • We support the non-violent way the interim administration in Kiev has tried to solve problems and call for it to explore all possibilities to come to a peaceful solution including by developing a new Constitution and ensuring an inclusive and transparent electoral process.

  • The interim administration in Kiev should find ways to strengthen dialogue with the Russian-speaking population, respond to their urgent requests and support the economic development of eastern regions.  

  • We call also on the Russian minority to maintain dialogue with the administration in Kiev.

  • The Geneva agreement is to be monitored by the OSCE ( Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) which requires adequate staffing as soon as possible to enable it to perform its duties including electoral observation.

  • The European Union and the United States of America should take a strong position to safeguard the democracy and independence of the Ukraine while continuing to work for a negotiated solution. They should help Ukraine reduce its debt and its dependence on Russian gas including by supporting the rapid development of renewable energy.

It is not in the interests of Ukraine or the wider region that this conflict should become a geopolitical venue for a revival of the Cold War. The people of the Ukraine deserve a democratic society with full respect for human rights where minority groups and different languages and cultures are able to live together in peace and prosperity.

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