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Remembering Fukushima - Global Greens united against nuclear

On March 11th 2014, the day of the 3rd anniversary of the Fukushima explosion, Greens all over the world organised actions and events to remember, to show support to Japanese people and to remind their fight against nuclear power. 

According to the Global Greens Charter, Political action point 3.5 "The Greens oppose any expansion of nuclear power and will work to phase it out rapidly"

Facebook album collects pictures of Green Actions Globally. If you have more send it to [email protected] 

Japanese Greens: statement (English Version coming soon!)

Green Party of Canada: "Remember Fukushima Sayonara Nukes"

Green Group in the European Parliament: Rebecca Harms, Co-President Three Years after: The Status of Fukushima and the World Nuclear Industry  Stop the Climate Change campaign: 11.03.2011 - REMEMBER FUKUSHIMA

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