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Recruitment Call for the position of Global Greens Executive Secretary

Recruitment Call for the position of Global Greens Executive Secretary


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The Global Greens (GG) is the international network of the world’s Green political parties and movements working cooperatively to implement the Global Greens Charter.  The Executive Secretary is responsible for facilitating the connection, consolidation and campaigning among the Members of the Global Greens, including managing the day-to-day operations of the GG Secretariat.

The GG Executive Secretary is accountable to the Global Greens Coordination (GGC) committee which consists of political representatives of the four regional federations: African Greens FederationAsia Pacific Greens FederationEuropean Green PartyFederation of the Green Parties of the Americas.  You will receive direction and day-to-day management from the Global Greens Convenors and from your fellow Greens with whom you work as a team locally, nationally, regionally and globally.

The Executive Secretary's work plan will be developed in collaboration with the successful applicant; the work consists in general of the following responsibilities:



Provide administrative and organizational support to the GGC, Executive and Co-Conveners so that they function and communicate effectively, including assisting with the preparation and circulation of meeting agendas and minutes.

  1. Coordinate the work of Global Greens organisation and the implementation of GG projects
  2. Manage the GG Secretariat, including maintenance of the GG’s virtual office, resources, email and information databases
  3. Oversee the recruitment, training and management of staff, interns and volunteers in the GG Secretariat
  4. Systematize Global Greens operations and organisational learning
  5. Ensure that the databases and organizational records are properly maintained
  6. Coordinate the organisation of the next Global Greens Congress which will be held in the Asia-Pacific region before 2023



  1. Inform, mobilise and facilitate communication among the Global Greens Member parties and Federations
  2. Create a system for members to share & generate relevant news, articles, videos and infographics across the social media channels of the GGs and its component groups.
  3. Help the Global Greens transcend the language barrier by developing a network of translators.
  4. Market the Global Greens to increase identity awareness, engagement and value among members.
  5. Facilitate the development and design the Global Greens website into a useful platform for collaboration


Finance and Fundraising

  1. Assist the Treasurer to maintain the Global Greens' accounts
  2. Collect membership fees and manage membership records
  3. Be an active member of the GG Working Groups and Networks related to fundraising and budget development
  4. Identify and develop fundraising opportunities including one-off and recurring donations, project crowdfunding and grants
  5. Manage a petty cash account
  6. Work with the Treasurer to track income and expenditure against the approved budget



Assist the GGC to ensure the integrity and implementation of the Global Greens Charter.



  1. Develop the connection, consolidation and collaboration among Global Greens Federations and Member parties to strengthen mutually supportive relationships
  2. Develop a GG Secretariat which is relevant and effective globally, regionally and locally.  This includes building a secretariat which functions as a platform for GG members and projects to collaborate in a globally networked manner.
  3. Cultivate coherency among the GG organisational components, including GG Networks, Working Group and Committees.
  4. Liaise with organisations relevant to the Global Greens Charter
  5. Facilitate the Greens’ presence at major international conferences in general and the annual UN Climate Conferences in particular


Capacity Building

  1. Identify opportunities for continually improving the Global Greens
  2. Facilitate the high quality exchange of skills and support through preparing and implementing capacity-building programs for political and electoral engagement, including facilitating large parties with elected representatives to build partnerships with emerging Green parties to achieve electoral success.

Policy and Action

  1. Facilitate the implementation of Global Greens projects and campaigns
  2. Support the implementation of Global Greens resolutions


Work Plan

Priorities for the Executive Secretary’s work will be determined periodically in conjunction with the GG Executive and GGC.

Additional qualifications:

  • You will need to have an understanding of Green political ideology
  • be able to speak and write in English fluently and preferably also be able to communicate in French and Spanish
  • have an enterprising attitude.  
  • Previous experience working with global political and civil society movements is preferable.


Employment: Half-time with possibility for full-time.

Type of employment: The service is on-going.  

Start date: 01 January 2019

Probation period: 3 months

Working hours: Unregulated working hours.  The reference working time is 40 hours a week for a full-time position or 20 hours for a half-time position.  However, work duties may need to be conducted in the evening and weekends, thus the working hours must be considered as flexible.

Collective agreement: The employer applies collective agreements similar to national labor standards.

Workplace: Executive Secretary will work in the office of the local Green party where the Employee is currently located.  Specific arrangements will be made in cooperation with the Global Greens, the local Green Party and the Employee.

Travel: The service involves travel.

Salary: The salary will be based on the national standards for a senior non-profit management position in your country of residence.  Your local Green party will be consulted to advise us on your local employment laws and standards.

Application: Submit your application at:

Or send your resume and cover letter to [email protected], with the subject line “Global Greens Executive Secretary”.  

The closing date for applications is 30 September 2018

Questions:  Contact: Keli Yen, Global Greens Convenor at [email protected]

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