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President of the Alianza Verde of Colombia calls ouster of President Dilma Rouseef absurd

President of the Green Alliance of Colombia qualifies the ouster of President Dilma Rouseef as absurd and as an interruption to democracy.

This was stated by Mr. Antonio Sanguino, president of the Green Party of Colombia, after news of the departure of the Brazilian president.

"It is an absurd decision that the Brazilian Senate depose with 20 votes to 61 against the legitimate President Dilma Rousseff."

"This is not the end result of a fair political judgment, is the revenge of a corrupt parliamentary bodies against the president who contributed to today 60% of the 513 deputies and 58% of the 81 senators are investigated for administrative dishonesty, corruption passive, money laundering or forming criminal gangs ".

"These" majority "illegitimately deposed president elected to a majority by 54 million Brazilians. The pretext brandished: approval of additional appropriations without permission of Congress and a few days delay in a transfer of the National Treasury to the Bank of Brazil, facts that did not increase public spending or losses occurred nor are grounds for dismissal. " He Reiterated Sanguino.

Full solidarity with the PT, Dilma, Lula, with Brother Brazilian people, with progress, democracy and independence of Latin America!



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