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Nepali Greens Party contests Legislative Elections 2017

Nepal's legislative elections will be held in two phases on 26 November and 7 December 2017 to elect all 275 members of the 4th House of Representatives, the lower house of the Federal Parliament.

The Nepali Greens feel pleased to inform the Global Greens that a “Nepali Greens Party” is a youth-led political party of Nepal, founded on a mission for environmental conservation and sustainable development. The party was formed by young environmental and social activists.

To promote and present greens philosophy, ideology, vision, agenda, policies and programs, two young ladies are contesting the upcoming parliamentary election, under a first-past-the-post (FPTP) system.  Ms. Rachana Shrestha, 25 years old, is going to contest the election from Kathmandu Election constituency no 2. She is contesting the election
against Former Prime Minister and CPN-UML leader Madhav Nepal.  Likewise, Ms. Smita Acharya, 32 years old, is contesting from Kathmandu Election constituency no. 3.

The guiding philosophy of Nepali Greens is referred to as "Greens Path". The ideological position of the Nepali Greens is considered as green-centre-right. Nepali
Greens has the vision to make Nepal as a developed, secure and peaceful country, based on its philosophy and ideological line.

The main agendas of Nepali Greens Party are:

  • Environment Conservation-sustainable development
  • Green City - development of eco-friendly, clean, greenery, well managed, modern, safe city with facilities and basic services
  • Agricultural modernization, mechanization, commercialization and entrepreneurship
  • Employment and good income for Youth in Nepal
  • Quality education & health services
  • Zero corruption and criminalization - good governance, rule of law and strong laws, rules and regulations
  • Powerful and resourceful local level government with full rights

The election symbol of Nepali Greens is Himal.

We would like to request all of you to help to widely disseminate our messages, greens-vision, agendas, policies and programs and encourage
our young candidates.

I have hereby attached a press release, banners and a short profile of our candidates.

Best wishes,

Mr. Kamal Bhandari
Spokesperson, Nepali Greens Party
P.O Box 19483, Khumaltaar, Nepal
Official Email: [email protected] 

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