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The Moroccan Green Left Remains in Parliament

Created in 2010, The Moroccan Green Left party represents a new political line in Morocco.  Having participated in the parliamentary elections of 2011 and 2016, as well as the local elections in 2015, the Moroccan Green Left succeeds in retaining its place in parliament.

The Moroccan Green Left party was formed on the basis of a political program which places sustainable development at the heart of it's political strategy.  This young political party was born amongst a profusion of political parties; members elected unanimously Dr Mohammed Fares as Secretary General, and the party is run by a Federal Council and an Executive Coordination Office.

The objectives of the "Green Left" include increasing the quality of education, the promotion of critical thinking in school curricula, promoting citizen participation in public affairs, broadening the awareness of environmental problems globally with an international dimension, and promoting clean energies.

At the 2011 parliamentary elections, the "Left Green " participated for the first time and gained a seat among the 395 members of the lower house in the Chefchaouen area. At the 2016 parliamentary elections the party gained a seat in the Errachidia area, located in southern Morocco, and is represented by Mr. Wady Ammar, a young teacher of 30 years specialising in “life and earth sciences”.  And so "Green Left" consolidates it position in the lower house and on the political arena in Morocco.

Despite limited resources, the Moroccan Green Left has achieve a giant step forward for a young political party standing for political ecology in Morocco!


Adamou Garba

Communications secretary for the African Green Federation

President of the Green Party of Niger



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