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Make Congress amazing

We're hugely excited for the Global Greens Congress in Liverpool, UK, to be held in conjunction with the European Greens Congress, from March 30 to April 2 this year. The programme is shaping up, the venue is booked, registrations are rolling in…

With your help we want to make it the best ever.

We need at least 15,000 euros to take the Global Greens Congress to the next level. Will you help us? Donate today.

We want to bring young people from places like Togo, Belarus, Brazil and Uganda to Liverpool so we can hear directly from them about their experiences as Greens and so they can participate fully in decisions we'll take together about the next steps in a complex world.

We want to harness new technologies and set up live-streaming for keynote sessions so that participants from around the world are part of the Congress.

We want to employ interpreters to help ensure the discussion reaches as many people as possible and make the conversation as accessible as we can.

Your gift of 25 euros will help us stream five minutes more of a keynote speech. Your gift of 50 euros will provide another four minutes of interpreting. Your extremely generous gift of 1000 euros will help us bring a young person to Congress.

The future is what we make it and Greens globally are working for a future we can be proud of. Thank you for helping make Greens 2017 amazing.

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