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Letter of Support and Condolence Re Deadly Bushfires | From Nepali Greens to Australian Greens

Dear Dr Richard Luigi Di Natale,
Australian Greens

We, Nepali Greens have been shocked and deeply saddened to know about
the deadly bushfires and its devastating impacts, the heavy loss of
lives and property in Australia.

We would like to extend condolences on the loss of lives of many
people and millions of animals, irreparable loss of flora and fauna,
extensive damages of properties in the wake of devastating bushfire
engulfing many parts of Australia. We would like to extend our deepest
sympathies to families and loved ones of those Australians killed in
the tragic bushfires.

We are confidence that the ongoing efforts of government, Australian
Greens and the people of Australia in combating the crisis would be
successful leading to the recovery of the affected areas from the
tragic incident.

At this moment of sadness, we, Nepali Greens would like to send our
thoughts and prayers to all Australians. We are ready to join hands of
Australian Greens to combat potential environmental threats in the

Beekay Shrestha
Nepali Greens

Note: This message of Mr Beekay Shrestha (Leader/President of Nepali
Greens) has been forwarded by the Office of International Secretary of
Nepali Greens.

(*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this document are the responsability of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of this organization.)

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