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Hope for democracy in Turkey



24 June 2019

The candidate for the main opposition party, Ekrem Imamoglu, has won 54% of the vote in the re-run of the Istanbul mayoral elections.

Reacting to the win, the co-chair of Green Left Party Eylem Tuncaelli said:

“The people have given a clear verdict on the AKP-MHP alliance’s refusal to step down in Istanbul despite their loss in the local elections held in March this year.  They must now renounce any attempt to govern against the democratic will of the people.

“Despite electoral manipulation, the citizens of Istanbul have made their decision openly and without reservation. We would like to thank all those who voted against injustice and greed for power and especially the HDP voters who did not give up on their appeal for democracy, brotherhood and peace.

“The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality elections have revealed that every citizen aspires towards freedom, equality, justice and peace no matter their ethnicity, religious beliefs or political opinions.  It is our duty to step forward to spread this message of hope in Istanbul and in the country at large.”

The European Green Party co-chair Monica Frassoni added:

“This marks a decisive victory for democracy but it can only be a first step.  We support and encourage the Turkish Green Left Party co-chairs Eylem Tuncaelli and Sinan Tutalin in their endeavour together with other parties to establish the rule of law, freedom of expression, peace, sustainability and fundamental rights for everyone in Turkey. Their work sends out an important signal to the world that democracy is worth fighting for and can be achieved even against all the odds. The EU must now redouble its efforts to facilitate and support a strong and open democracy in Turkey."


*Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this document are the responsability of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of other members of this organization.

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