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Greens: UN Sustainable Development Goals are a manifesto for the future of both the Global North and South

Party calls for a national dialogue on how 17 goals will be met here in Ireland

The Green Party today welcomed Ireland’s backing of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and called for a national dialogue on how the vision outlined in the goals can be turned into reality.

Eamon Ryan, Leader of the Green Party, said that no one party or group has a monopoly on the goals, and all parties must work towards achieving them.

“The Sustainable Development Goals set out a manifesto for a future which is as important for the Global North as for the South. This isn’t just about the developing world – it’s about transforming our own society into a sustainable, fair and equitable place to live.  Meeting the goals will be the best way of dealing with the migration, climate and security challenges that we face. They are also an appropriate extension of the goals that were set out one hundred years ago in the proclamation of our own Republic.

“We welcome the Government signing Ireland up to the SDGs. We’ve signed up to where we want to go as a society, now the challenge is figuring out how we get there. No one group can claim ownership of these goals, and no one party can make them a reality alone. We are calling for a National Dialogue on the Sustainable Development Goals, similar to the Government’s National Economic Dialogue, where all political parties, NGOs, interest groups and civic society can come together and agree how we overcome the challenges in making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

“The UN General Assembly has today brought together North and South, East and West, and Governments of the Left and of the Right. We must have a similar assembly here at home to agree how we play our part in creating a more sustainable future for all of our citizens.”

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