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Greens Celebrate Earth Day with Divestment


The 22nd of April is Earth Day, an annual event held to demonstrate for environmental protection.  This year, it coincides with the day when a record number of countries will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change at the UN headquarters in New York.  This is why the European Greens organised an action that took place in Place Luxembourg, Brussels.

European Green Party Co-Chair, Reinhard Bütikofer, gave a speech and symbolically handed a copy of the COP21 Climate Agreement as a “gift” to the Earth. A three-meter large balloon in the shape of the Earth was floating over the square.  In order to meet the climate targets set out in the Paris agreement, fossil fuels must be kept in the ground, which is why we reiterated our commitment to the fossil fuel divestment movement (

Divestment is a big opportunity to amplify what has been agreed upon in Paris. It is an international movement, it is an ethical movement and it is a logical step from an economic point of view. We want to support it and strengthen it, which is why we are demonstrating here today.

Politicians and citizens alike took part in the #‎Sign4Climate action, to join the Heads of States and Governments who will be signing the Paris agreement in their commitment to climate action.

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