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Greens Abroad Meetup in London

Able you to vote in the elections of another country?

Want to get involved in the global dimension of Green politics - the Global Greens?

Expats, let's get organised and influential for elections of the 100 Green parties globally - and the 2019 European elections!

Welcome to the First Meet-up of Greens Abroad in London!

Programme: 7:30-10:00pm

  • Meet Greens from different countries, enjoy drinks, snacks, making new friends and talking about Green politics.
  • Group discussion on why Green politics gives hope and practical solutions right now for climate and social challenges from the grassroots to the global level.
  • Case study: Sweden's national and local elections will be held on 9 September - learn about the issues in this election & how to vote from overseas.
  • Practical organising on how to work together as expats for a Green future wherever we are in the world.

Co-Organised by: 

  • Miljöpartiet de gröna (the Green party of Sweden) branches in The Hague and London
  • Global Greens
  • Green Party of England and Wales
  • Australian Greens
  • Green party of Aotearoa New Zealand's Kiwi Greens Global

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