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Green Party Canada Convention 2016

Green Party Canada (GPC) held its 2016 convention in Ottawa 4-7 August.  The program included an opening by Elizabeth May, Party Leader and MP, European Green Party Representative and Belgium MP Evelyne Huytebroeck, New Zealand Green Party Leader and MP James Shaw, and Federal Council President Ken MelamedBill McKibben keynote, a reflective and cathartic "laugh and cry together as we relive the trials and tribulations of 2015" evening, and workshops on a variety of resolutions includeing Indigenous Rights Issues in Canada and the controversial resolution on Palestinian Self-Determination and the Movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (see press release), panel discussion on Getting Elected as a Green, trainings on community engagement, peer-to-peer learning dialogues, trade and the TPP, and a round table session for Green Party members to create an action plan for moving forward together in communities across the country on Proportional Representation.

I am still inspired by the progress Canada is making on election system reform on which GPC is deeply involved.  Check out Elizabeth may's video blogs giving you an insider's look into the Electoral Reform Committee's effort to reform Canada's electoral system in order to make every vote count equally.

Learn about how many votes it takes to elect 1 Member of Parliament in Canada

If you're curious about what Green Party Canada stands for, start with reading Vision Green which explains GPC's policies on: economy, climate, environment, people, global citizenship, and good governance.

"Overall, we had a terrific convention,” said Elizabeth May; “engaged members from across the country came and reaffirmed deep commitment to climate action, fair voting and turning away from unfair trade deals."

Watch Canada in 2016 and beyond for some exciting and really significant advancements in election system reform!

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