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Green Cities Conference in Helsinki: Greens in politics deliver!

Grenoble i-road
Grenoble i-road

If you talk with whoever was in Helsinki in September for the Green Cities Conference (25-26 September), s/he will probably tell you the same story: it was a precious experience. Not only because 253 participants from 34 countries took part to it, thus providing an occasion for interesting debates. Not only because it covered a wide range of topics, from transport and tourism to combating poverty and women in politics, thus providing a 360° panoramic of the environmental, social and economic challenges cities are living nowadays. Not only because 60 high-profile speakers and moderators from 22 countries were present, thus sharing best practices and giving a living demonstration of what Greens deliver, when involved in real politics and in the institutions. The Green Cities Conference has been this and much more.

Indeed it implemented a living platform to explain our vision, inspire local Greens and build on already achieved successes in many Green cities around Europe. The aim is to use this experience to push forward our ideals and operational solutions for an ever more efficient, diverse, clean, fair and democratic future.

During this two-day event in Helsinki we discovered that we are not alone in our fight: Greens are facing similar problems around Europe and can learn and get motivation from one another. A first outcome of this event is: that’s not the end, it’s just the beginning! Through the EGP Local Councils Network, through our newsletters, personal contacts and future initiatives we will keep alive the good mood, the proposals, the solutions and the dreams for the future we explored in Helsinki. This will be the basis for concrete green proposals and actions.

Fasten your seat belt and ready to go, green politics is on the move!

Here you can see the Green Cities Conference Programme - #GreenCities15

Grenoble i-road

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