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Global Greens Support Mauritian Greens in reparations claims for descendants of slaves

The “Verts Fraternels”(VF), set up in 1968 as a non-violent NGO, became a green political party in 1989. Their long campaign for the emancipation of the descendants of slaves has led to the setting up of a Truth and Justice Commission (TJC) in 2009 to make recommendations on the sequels of slavery and indentured labour. The TJC’s report submitted in 2011 is the first official document attesting the situation of dependence, marginalization and discrimination of descendants of slaves in all walks of life in contemporary Mauritius. The implementation of the report’s recommendations is blocked not only by the reluctance of the Mauritian Government but also by the refusal of the colonial powers and the indifference of the local enterprises which have all benefited from the free labour of slaves for 197 years. On account of this situation and in spite of all actions taken by the VF for nearly two years, the green party has decided to set up a Green Reparations Foundation to be managed by the descendants of slaves themselves and to which the five parties concerned have been invited both for its funding and the nomination of their respective representatives on the GRF council. A motion for reparations, submitted by the VF, has been approved at the African Green Federation’s and the Global Greens Congresses in Dakar in March 2012.

We the Global Greens support the initiative of the VF for a Green Reparations Foundation for the following reasons:

- It is a pragmatic and non-violent solution to the growing issue of reparations as it allows all parties concerned to work together on the same footing, giving to the victims the possibility to participate actively for their effective empowerment.

- The green objectives set to the process of reparations will promote a green economy in a country like Mauritius presented as a model for African countries while Mauritians of African origins continue to be dependent, marginalized and discriminated against due to its neoliberal economy.

- The association of the issue of reparations and the green objectives can act as a driving force in the African countries. It gives a tool to fight against poverty and to work for the economic independence of African countries. Given the natural and ecological way of living still prevalent in the African cultures, the Greens of Africa are in a position to play a key role for the development of a green economy available to all.

- It provides a reasonable time frame schedule for reparations and a sharing of responsibility for funding.

We, the Global Greens urge the governments of Mauritius, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands to recognize their responsibility in the present situation of the descendants of slaves and participate in Green Reparations Foundation as set up by the VF. Its success will pave the way to solve the legacies of slavery in the African Diaspora and in the African countries.

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