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Global Greens statement on the Iran Nuclear Agreement

In November 2013, Iran, the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany, known as the P5+1, reached an interim agreement to halt Iran’s nuclear program for six months in return for the easing of sanctions on Iran.  This nuclear deal has the potential to transform Iran’s international relations and enhance Middle East stability. The Global Greens cautiously welcome the agreement as a first step towards greater stability, peace and well-being for the people of Iran, the Middle East and the globe. 
According to the agreement, Iran would not enrich its uranium above 5 per cent, will open its facilities to daily monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and will significantly slow down the construction of the Arak research reactor - believed to be capable of yielding potential weapons-grade material.  In return, the six world powers would not impose new sanctions and remove an embargo on trade in precious metals for the six months.   
While the agreement is designed to give both sides time to work towards a broader and permanent nuclear agreement, the deal does not require Iran to disassemble any of its uranium-enriching centrifuges nor to destroy its uranium-enrichment equipment. 
 The Global Greens recognize that the agreement is a temporary measure which still faces potential breaking points, including within the United States Congress and the Iranian Parliament.   
The Global Greens oppose all forms of nuclear civil and military use. This agreement is the first between Washington and Tehran in a decade and the process should be given a chance to work.

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