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Global Greens shocked by Egyptian court decision on Al Jazeera English journalists and the assault on press freedom

The Global Greens join the global condemnation of the conviction of the three Al Jazeera journalists accused by Egyptian authorities of ‘falsifying news’ and call on the Egyptian authorities to secure their release urgently.

This decision follows a succession of court rulings denying defendants the right to a fair trial and violating the basic tenets criminal law, most recently the mass sentencing of Muslim Brotherhood supporters to death which the Global Greens have previously condemned. [link]

The three Al Jazeera journalists, Egyptian Baher Mohamed, Australian Peter Greste and Canadian-Egyptian Mohamed Fahmy have already been imprisoned for six months and face sentences of seven to ten years. Their trial was widely regarded as a sham, including by Amnesty International.

Their fate is a devastating outcome for the prisoners and their families and colleagues, and an assault on media freedom and free speech in Egypt.

The Global Greens, through our Charter, uphold the right of citizens everywhere to have access to free and independent media.

Egypt’s new government faces a critical test to restore the country’s credibility as a member of the international community that respects freedom of expression, a free media and the application of a fair and just rule of law.

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