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Global Greens need to make the most of 2015: Elizabeth May

COP20 in Lima was not an unmitigated disaster, but it fell short of launching us into the final sprint to Paris with anything that could be described as momentum. It should be understood not as a new “deal” for the climate, but as a 12-month work plan leading to COP21.

While the final decision on the ADP (Ad Hoc Working Group on Durban Platform for Enhanced Action) bent in a few critical places to reflect the over-whelming concern from developing countries that the Lima decision not be allowed to weaken the 1992 framework convention, it is still a weak text.

However, on balance, I think the Lima decision is better than nothing. We need to keep the multilateral process moving forward.     

Between now and next year at COP21 we need to keep a focus on the climate.  We need to demand that industrialized countries meet their pre-2020 pledges. We must insist they table the INDCs (Intended Nationally Determined Contributionsfor the new treaty to be agreed upon in Paris --  and that they do so in the first quarter of 2015.  We cannot let focus on climate disappear again only to be re-discovered once an over-hyped Paris conference is about to begin. 

Together we can make the next treaty the one that drives the world’s economy and all governments to begin the transition in earnest to get off fossil fuels. This is a moment that allows us to think like a human family. Global Greens need to make the most of 2015.


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