Greens from around the world are mobilising right now to take action on solutions for a sustainable climate, planet and society. I am writing you from Paris where the UN climate negotiations will take place from Monday 30 November to Saturday 12 December. My role is to serve as a voice of the Global Greens, to support the diverse campaigns of Greens here in Paris and globally to faciliate a strong and united political presence and voice of Greens on this extremely important issue of climate change.

Here are some ways to be plugged in to the Global Greens climate movement:

Climate activism is really accelerating. Tonight I attended the StandUp4Freedom / A Clim'Art Moment event organised by the European Greens. On Friday the Green Space opens in Paris and the first climate marches start around the world on the eve of COP21.

Keli Yen, Global Greens Coordinator, in Paris